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Hanukkah clothing

This winter season, you need Hanukkah clothing that will light up a room like a nine-candle menorah. We've got the blue and gold designs that will make your season very, very bright. So, don't miss this chance to give Hanukkah fashion a twirl around town. You'll turn heads like a dreidel with sweaters, socks, and more.
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Men's Challah Sweater
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Hanukkah Clothing

Why is our Tipsy Elves Hanukkah clothing line so popular? We like to think it's because our customers have the perfect blend of a sense of humor, quirky style, and a desire to be comfortable. The sweaters for Hanukkah, jumpsuits, leggings, and other items in our collection fit the bill perfectly. From outerwear to underwear, we help you celebrate the Festival of Lights in a light-hearted way. With the signature blue and gold of these designs, you get to stand out in the crowd of red, white, and green during the holiday season.

Ah, Hanukkah, the time of year when it's all about challah, latkes, short ribs, and of course Hanukkah clothing. Isn't it delightful to see a menorah in every shop window and the bustling crowds out to take care of last minute dreidel buying? Or not. If you're tired of the constant focus on the reindeer with the red nose and the man with the bag, you can chart your own path through the tinsel and holly with our decidedly non-yuletide apparel. Represent a tradition that predates the Christmas holiday by over a hundred years and rock it like a Maccabee in our Hanukkah gear. You can bundle up nice and warm in our menorah bedecked jumpsuit for a nice night curled up by the fireplace. Or, go out on the town to have some real fun. There's nothing like dancing in menorah socks!

Speaking of taking our Hanukkah clothing for men for a spin, we've got plenty of dreidel apparel to turn the heads of passersby because Hanukkah clothing is vibrant and festive. Whether you choose our knitted sweater featuring two tops hoisting a menorah high or our dreidel leggings and swants, you're sure to feel trendy in a slightly off-beat way. The interlocking dreidel designs are always a delight, with the cryptic lettering and geometric shapes that make everyone stop and take a second look.

We let you celebrate the time-honored baking traditions of the holiday season with our excited rabbi ugly Hanukkah sweater. He's all worked up about seeing braided sweet bread just like his grandma used to make. It's making him a bit verklempt, but not enough to stifle his excited cry of, "Challah!" You can wear your own matching hat if desired. Definitely pair this sweater with some of our other women's Hanukkah clothing--like the swants.

If the Challah sweater isn't irreverent enough for your tastes, step completely outside the box by declaring your intent to celebrate Llamakkah this year. We're really hoping this new holiday catches on, because Santa got drunk and bought a llama farm by mistake on eBay. Now, if we don't have a big upsurge in the demand for photo ops with these wooly ungulates, he's going to lose out on his investment. We're hoping that sitting on a llama's back replaces sitting on Santa's lap at malls throughout North America. Kids can ask the llama for whatever they want, as long as it is a dreidel.

We know you'll enjoy being swaddled in cozy, comfortable Hanukkah clothing this winter. In fact, this is what Santa wears when he's not in uniform. (Shh, that's supposed to be a secret!)

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