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Mens Pants

Mens Pants

White, tan, gray, navy. Who has time for boring trousers? We want to make over the lower half of your wardrobe with show stopping men's colored chino pants. These comfortable, modern fit pants aren't just stylish. They are hypnotizing. Seriously, when you sit down you won't be able to stop staring at your lap (hey, it's a nice break from staring at your smartphone!)
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Forest Flex Suit Pants
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Ulysses S. Pants
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Men's Water Hazard Golf Pants
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Mens Colored Chino Pants

Our men's colored chino pants are designed specifically to go with our line of Tipsy Elves ugly Christmas sweaters. If you've been wondering how to increase the "wow" factor with our hideous and inappropriate sweaters, this is it. In fact, brightly colored Christmas pants for men might just be the extra touch you need to win the ugly sweater contest at your next holiday party. These are the perfect pants to wear when you want to dress up an outfit (or if all your jeans are in the wash).

  1. Not as hot and sweaty (or outdated) as corduroys
  2. More glamorous than blue jeans
  3. Not baggy and pleated like khakis
  4. Less formal than woolen dress pants
  5. A lot nicer than sweat pants
  6. Available in outstanding holiday hues

...and YES to brightly colored chino pants. Khakis don't have any choice but to be bland and beige. After all, if they aren't a yellowish brown color, fashion experts will argue that those pants aren't technically khakis. With colored chino pants, it's all about the twill fabric. This comfortable, easy-care textile is perfect for wearing in every season. It is resistant to wrinkling, which makes it ideal for guys who hate ironing. Unlike the original chino pant style that featured a tapered leg, our pattern has a straight leg so you can enjoy a modern fit over your shoes. These are the perfect funny golf pants to wear on your weekend trips with the boys.

The design details on our pants are quite humorous as well. The cheery red Christmas trousers feature green buttons and belt loops, while the green trousers are accented with bright red. Since these pants are well-fitted, you probably won't need a belt to keep them up. Then again, if you have college buddies who still think "pantsing" is fun, you might want to wear a belt just in case.

Better equipped than our Christmas tights, the inset side pockets give you a place to nonchalantly stuff your mitts when you aren't busy pouring beer into your pie hole. The back pocket is the place to keep your ID (so you can purchase said beer). The back pocket also features a tiny tag with our Tipsy Elves logo so you can impress your friends with your designer label. We know you won't mind us hitching a ride on your rear view. That's where all the ladies will be looking anyway with the nice fit of these pants.

Because gaudy style knows no season, we couldn't just do holiday colors. It's Christmas in July when you wear our American Flag men's chino pants. The flat-front, slim fitted mens colored chino pants are a very classy trouser style that's stood the test of time going back to the Spanish-American War. In fact, the design is military in concept, and might even make you walk taller and prouder. It certainly will if you wear our highly patriotic men's chino pants! Don these for July 4th, Memorial Day, and any other time you feel like showing your USA pride.

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