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Inappropriate Christmas Sweaters

It's not like you were going to make the "Nice List" anyways, so shop the world's most hilariously inappropriate Christmas sweaters! Engineered for good times with premium materials, and tailored for comfort, these ugly Christmas sweaters will make you the hit of the holiday season! Get noticed and have fun with game changing Christmas sweaters!
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Inappropriate Christmas Sweaters

Inappropriate Christmas sweaters are to ugly holiday sweater parties like rum is to eggnog. You need that little something extra if you want people to loosen up and have a good time. Of all the ugly obnoxious Christmas sweaters you can find, the crass and risqu_ ones are the most memorable. Tipsy Elves has a special selection of inappropriate Christmas sweaters that are rated H for Hilarious. These are some of the top picks.

Have you ever been to a party where everyone has to write their name in the snow as an icebreaker? Maybe you can inspire that tradition with this off-color Yellow Snow sweater. It features a rear view of Santa answering the call of nature after a few too many nips of peppermint schnapps. His accuracy is impressive--especially since he started with the final "s" and then worked his way backward through the rest of Merry Christmas. But we would expect no less from a guy who can visit every household in the world on a single evening. Finish this outfit with a pair of Christmas pants for that cool hipster look. If you have a pair of neon yellow sneakers, that's the ideal finishing touch.

Do you enjoy rocking around the Christmas tree? It's time to put on your dancin' sweater. The Reindeer Conga Line is a not-so innocent twist on the classic knitted reindeer motif. The line of romantically entangled ungulates encircles your chest completely, providing a 360 degree view of these arctic darlings doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

The V neck of our cheery red Reindeer Conga Line V-Neck Sweater makes it perfect to layer over a white button down for a conservative look. Add a pair of pressed khakis, and people will have to look twice to figure out what makes your inapprpriate Christmas sweater seem just a little bit wrong. If you like people talking about you behind your back, this is the funky sweater for you. You can definitely take the tacky xmas sweater contest to the next level (down) by wearing seriously dirty Christmas sweaters like this every year.

The Snowman Nose Thief sweater plays on every man's secret fear--that someone will steal his carrot. The poignant tableau on this garment points to the unfairness of life. The fact is that some guys have it all, and some guys are stuck with just a couple of lumps of coal. Show everyone at the party that you're the alpha snowman with this bold blue pullover. Pair this beauty with white pants if you're feeling particularly bold. Otherwise, your best dark-wash blue jeans will do. Get ready to roll up your inappropriate Christmas sweater sleeves and protect your carrot from all challengers.

Winter is called the season of giving for a reason. Don't hog all these inappropriate Christmas sweaters for yourself. Spread the joy! These novel and cheap ugly Christmas sweaters make great Christmas gifts, so stock up for the season.