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Men's short shorts

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Men's Short Shorts | Short Shorts For Men

Nothing makes your summer wardrobe easy and breezy like a good pair of men's short shorts. Our line of men's apparel takes our funky, vivid, and unique designs to the next level with a cool blend of retro and modern features. We've got walking shorts for out and about as well as beach shorts that are perfect for fun around the water. As always, we've made sure you are getting the best materials, workmanship, and fashion with every item. No matter which style you choose, they are sure to deliver a smile. So order yours today! THEN, go watch the Sausage party movie!

Maybe you like to let your legs out to play early. Our pink and aqua men's short shorts are awesome for those first warm days of spring. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and everyone is talking about your awesome new apparel. This brilliant pair of shorts goes well with an equally loud Hawaiian shirt. Go big or go home with your eye-catching fashion. That's what we say!

For an even more tropical outfit, try the orange palm tree design. The backdrop of geometric shapes is mesmerizing and will immediately turn you into an international man of fashion mystery. The only thing you need to wear with this pair of short shorts for men is a pair of really dark sunglasses. And maybe a super awesome Hawaiian shirt depending on where you plan to saunter.

Everyone loves the ice cream truck, and our popsicle inspired short shorts for men create a positive association with the joys of summer. The red, white, and blue pattern on these beach shorts is ideal for the heat of summer. You can pair this design with a plain white t-shirt (assuming you aren't going to be dripping a real popsicle on it). Or, you can definitely go bold with one of our patriotic shirts for the Fourth of July. We also have a sweet Dare t shirt to go along with that theme.

Shark wrangler of the year award goes to YOU when you wear our wacky surfer shorts. The intrepid athletes on these whimsical shorts are determined to show that water skiing and kite surfing are for amateurs. You might be thinking our team has finally jumped the shark when it comes to new design ideas. But this is exactly the type of men's shorts that will grow on you if you just give them a chance.

Of course, no summer is complete without a great block party, luau, or beach mixer. That's where our boom box inspired men's short short design comes in handy. The volume has been turned up to eleven on this pattern. So don't hesitate to wear it with cool shirts from our men's clothing line. You will bring the heat and the beat at the same time! Don't forget that your whole group of guys can rock these for a unique bachelor party idea!

That's a peek at just a few of our popular shorts. There are sure to be a few pairs that grab your attention. Remember to plan for the full season with styles that will keep everyone guessing, "What will he wear next?" You will always surprise and never disappoint when you slip into a pair of our men's short shorts.

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