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Men's st. patrick's day shirts

Are you a leprechaun at heart? Our men's St. Patrick's Day shirts will let you return to wearing the traditional garb of your people, as long as you think leprechauns wear comfortable, stylish tee shirts every chance they get. We think they do. After all, those green coats and stuffy hats are so last century! Feel the magic when you slip into one of these hilarious tops.
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Men's Leprechaun Sketch Tee Men's Leprechaun Sketch Tee Quick Add
Men's Leprechaun Sketch Tee
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Men's No Beer Left Behind Tee
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Men's Going Green Tee
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Men's Dino's Little Drinker Tee
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Men's St. Patrick's Day Shirts

Our men's St. Patrick's Day shirts may not bring you the luck of the Irish. But they will fill your heart with blarney and your holiday with merriment. Be prepared to woo the ladies with all your Irish charm--and a little extra style--when you slip into one of our hilarious t-shirts. Here's a look at what we have in our collection along with some wardrobe tips for making the most of your Irish themed shirts.

If the beer you had for breakfast wasn't bad, you'll want to advertise that fact with our "Irish: I Had A Beer" t-shirt. It lets everyone know that you've done your duty keeping local breweries in business and recognizing the patron saint of Ireland. This shirt can be paired with khakis or chinos in dark tan (to hide the beer stains and found in our collection of St. Patty's Day clothing). Don't forget to wear rubber soled shoes for walking in the rain-drenched streets as you dodge parade watchers.

Perhaps there's a special someone on your mind as you imbibe. Send them a shout out with our "Can't Stop Drinking About You" design. Remember, it's not an Irish love story without a sad ending. Of course, if you're feeling blue you need to be wearing your St. Patrick's Day boxer briefs with this top. Take the forlorn look all the way with gently distressed denim, a ball cap, and canvas sneakers with no laces.

The magical charm of the Leprechaun isn't difficult to explain. Everyone likes to rub shoulders with the wealthy--and those little Irish gnomes all have a secret stash of coin along with some pretty dang sweet St. Patrick's Day Suits. The diminutive man on our "Leprechauns are Magical" shirt isn't afraid to flaunt his riches. It's almost like he's daring you to come and steal his pot of gold. Perhaps you will (and then you get to be the popular one for a change!) and you can wear a men's St. Patrick's Day shirt to celebrate.

Saint Patrick is credited with clearing Ireland of snakes. But you can do one better by clearing the local pub with your rendition of "Will You Go, Lassie, Go?" sung horribly off-key. For maximum effect, get your buddies to join in shoulder to shoulder with you on top of the bar. You could make our Men's "Dublin Fistin" St. Patrick's Day shirts the de-facto uniform for this impromptu quartet. The cross-eyed leprechaun on this top may seem like he's about to sit down and share a pint with a good friend. But he's really just carrying a second beer for himself so he doesn't have to go back to the bar for a refill. Those pointy toed elf shoes are a serious tripping hazard after the first couple of rounds.

Leprechauns are pragmatic wee folk, and their public service announcement "Mugs not Drugs" speaks to this habit of finding middle ground in any debate. You can't expect anyone to stay completely sober during St. Patty's Day. But you can ask them to stick to mood altering substances that can be ingested by the pint. This is definitely a top that looks best paired with a tall green top hat and our clover socks. You will be completely pinch proof in our men's St. Patrick's Day shirts by women wearing St. Patrick's Day Clothing for Women.

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