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Plus size ugly christmas sweaters

Grab yourself a plus size ugly Christmas sweater to take you through the holiday season. Or beyond - our fabric and fit is so high-quality and flattering, you won't want to put it away for the rest of the year. Featuring long sleeves and a light-weight material, your new plus size Christmas sweater is warm enough to get you through the coldest days, but breathable enough to wear anywhere. Versatility is the best Christmas gift - especially when it comes in the highest quality tailored fit.
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Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Are you looking for plus size ugly Christmas sweaters? Whether you are a big and tall guy or a zaftig gal, you've come to the right place. Our product line includes plenty of options in XL and XXL sizes. We want everyone to have a jolly holiday with matching Christmas sweaters regardless of what the scale or the measuring tape says. Check out our size charts to see if our more generous sweater options are the right fit for you. Here are a few choices that will make your heart glow:

Has anyone ever told you, "Ugly is as ugly does"? Sometimes, ugly just is. That's certainly the case with this hideous Ugly Panel Sweater (available for guys and gals) with its smorgasbord of idiotic holiday decorations. See ruddy red and garish green snowflakes on white backdrops amid a forest of poorly trimmed fir trees. Each sleeve features a bauble-bedecked holly wreath, ensuring the side view of this plus size ugly Christmas sweater is just as grotesque as the front and back. The black color may be slimming, but the awful design kind of counterbalances that effect and ensures you achieve the desired degree of fug with our ugly plus size Christmas sweaters.

Did you know your shoulders are an underappreciated yet gorgeous feature of your anatomy? The Women's T-Rex Sweater plays peek-a-boo with this seductive body part in a deep, rich blue top. Too bad people will be distracted from your stunning arm-toppers by the ravenous dinosaur on the front. He's hogging the limelight with his touchdown zone dance of glee at getting just what he wanted for Christmas--a helpless, tiny bear cub that he's about to eat for a late night snack. Oh, wait. That's a teddy bear. T-Rex is about to get a mouthful of fluff. That's not going to be a happy surprise...

Are you a big guy but not all that tall? If you tend to be somewhat Winnie the Pooh shaped, finding a sweater that fits can be a bit of a challenge. A cardigan is the most forgiving of all our plus size ugly Christmas sweaters. You can wear it open over a button down or t-shirt if you need to accommodate some extra girth. Our Men's Dancing Snowmen Cardigan (with Elbow Patches) lets you celebrate your own rounded physique while fitting right in with the ugly sweater trend. These frozen dudes are bopping to the blizzard beat as bizarre, five-pointed mutant snowflakes fall in the background.

The Ugly Cat Sweater with Bells is a work of inspired genius. It doesn't matter how much people enjoy cute kitten videos on YouTube. Our cat sweaters will make them recoil in horror. The slightly wall-eyed feline is surrounded by a snowstorm unlike anything you've ever seen. The giant white pompom snowflakes are accented with silver tinsel and interspersed with tiny, nonsensical red bowties. The pair of jingle bells around kitty's neck are the final touch--or the final straw. The final straw for your cat may be seeing your true best friend in an ugly Christmas sweater for dogs.

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