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Retro sunglasses

The past is so bright, you have to wear retro sunglasses. Actually, the present is looking pretty spectacular as well, when you slip on some of these neon beauties. These epic accessories go with all our 80s clothes, as well as our neon ski wear. Check out the Americana style as well--it's ideal for pairing with our USA-themed clothing line.
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Retro Sunglasses

Slipping a pair of our retro sunglasses onto your face is a bit like putting a time-warp filter on your reality. Suddenly, the grass appears a more neon shade of green--and the sky is filled with rainbows. Or maybe that's just in your imagination. One thing is for sure, your day will deliver a bigger dose of compliments about your summer wardrobe when you ratchet up the eighties quotient with these retro shades. They make your face the first thing that people notice. So put on a happy smile and get ready to do some dancing in the sun this summer!

We think you'll love wearing these retro sunglasses so much that you'll never want to take them off. That might seem like a good idea. However, there are a number of situations where you really will have to step down the cool factor and go bare faced. For example, your next driver's license photo would be greatly improved with the addition of some retro glasses, but you will almost certainly be required to remove them for the picture. Indoors playing laser tag in a dimly lit arena is probably another circumstance that will require you to doff your spectacles. You wouldn't be able to see with them on, and you would be a much brighter target than the rest of your team. Finally, you probably shouldn't wear these to bed at night. They could give you some really trippy dreams.

But there are also plenty of places where this bright splash of eyewear color would be welcomed. Show up at a company picnic with a pair of these neon sunglasses on your face, and suddenly all your coworkers will think your job is super-interesting. Kick it at the beach or poolside for an extra dose of chill to go with your eighties-inspired swimwear choices. Finally, try wearing these retro sunglasses while watching a really boring movie so you can more easily fall asleep.

Want retro glasses you can enjoy even if you wear contact lenses or don't need vision correction at all? Sometimes it's not really about correcting your vision, it's about bringing the visual fashion of the outfits from the eighties back to life. That's what we do with our bright, multi-colored neon cool sunglasses. These retro sunglasses are awesome for festivals, concerts, and parties where you want to stand out in a sea of faces. There's certainly no missing these bold beauties!

The truly funktacular thing about these 80s sunglasses is that they are a gateway choice that may cause you to go fully 80s fashion at any moment. Fill your wardrobe with neon colored shirts and hot pink legwarmers, because the inspiration to celebrate good times (come on!) may strike at any moment. You will know it is about to happen because you will turn around (bright eyes) and think you smell a whiff of hairspray and bubble tape. Once that happens, there's no turning back. You will be moonwalking your way straight to the closet to pick out an entire outfit that brings the eighties to the next century for good.

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