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Thanksgiving Outfits

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Women's Feed Me Tee Quick View
Women's Feed Me Tee
Women's Feast Mode Tee Quick View
Women's Feast Mode Tee
$24.95 $10.95
Women's Thunder Thighs Tee Quick View
Women's Thunder Thighs Tee
$24.95 $10.95
Women's Literally Stuffed Tee SOLD OUT Quick View
Women's Literally Stuffed Tee
$24.95 $10.95
Women's Dessert Made Me Do It Tee SOLD OUT Quick View
Women's Dessert Made Me Do It Tee
$24.95 $10.95
Women's Never Settle Tee SOLD OUT Quick View
Women's Never Settle Tee
$24.95 $10.95
Women's Today is Leg Day Tee SOLD OUT Quick View
Women's Today is Leg Day Tee
Women's Peace of Turkey Tee Women's Peace of Turkey Tee SOLD OUT Quick View
Women's Peace of Turkey Tee
$24.95 $10.95
Women's Talk Turkey To Me Tee SOLD OUT Quick View
Women's Talk Turkey To Me Tee
$24.95 $10.95
Leaf an Impression Leggings Quick View
Leaf an Impression Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Pumpkin Pie Leggings Pumpkin Pie Leggings Quick View
Pumpkin Pie Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Drumstick Leggings Drumstick Leggings Quick View
Drumstick Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
Turkey Taco Bell Leggings Turkey Taco Bell Leggings Quick View
Turkey Taco Bell Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
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Thanksgiving Outfits

Is it time for the annual celebration of that bird that only gets eaten as lunchmeat the other 364 days of the year? Then it's time to put on your Thanksgiving outfit and tuck to a wonderful meal. We've got Thanksgiving shirts for adults who know that it's not an eating contest--but who are addicted to winning anyway. Here are some of the reasons you'll love this apparel.

Do you always get sleepy after a feast? That's normal. Thankfully, our cute Thanksgiving outfits are comfy enough for napping once the tryptophan in the main course kicks in. Yes, we have stretch pants in this collection. Because belts are for suckers. Don't underestimate the value of Thanksgiving Day outfits that are forgiving. Our tees have just the right amount of shape to skim your curves without hugging too tight (but you might want to go a size up on the chart if you are a champion pie eater!)

Are family reunions awkward? Our funny Thanksgiving shirts give you something to talk about besides politics and the weather, helping keep things civil at least until after desert. Of course, the "Never Settle" pilgrim shirt could start a contentious debate about colonization depending on the company you keep. And anything that promotes the eating of turkey might offend those who prefer tofurkey. So we take that back. Your Thanksgiving outfit might start an all-out food fight. But that's part of the fun.

Our cute Thanksgiving outfits can also save your bacon (so to speak) if your family is split over which football team to cheer for during the game. Instead of choosing sides by wearing a sports jersey or tee, you can opt for team turkey with our Thanksgiving Day outfits that everyone can cheer for. These Thanksgiving shirts declare that today is "Leg Day", and everyone can root for this body part without conflict. Score a touchdown with outfits for Thanksgiving that help folks chill out.

Our men's and women's Thanksgiving shirts offer you plenty of tongue in cheek ways to celebrate the holiday. "Pie Till I Die" is one Thanksgiving outfit that could restart the debate about pumpkin versus pecan, so be sure there are both flavors available at dinner. Then laugh about how everyone asks for "just a small slice" of both pies. Or be a food agnostic who doesn't care about exactly what's on the menu as long as there's plenty of it when you wear Thanksgiving Day outfits like our "Feast Mode" top. These cute Thanksgiving outfits ensure that the focus is where it should be--gratitude for good food, good company, and great fashion.

We also think these cute Thanksgiving Day shirts make decent Christmas tops if that December holiday is also a big feast at your house. "Here to get basted" is a sentiment that could technically apply to an Xmas ham or a Cornish hen, for certain. But even if you just wear your tee or tank as a Thanksgiving outfit, it's well worth it to bring a smile to the faces of loved ones. Our outfits for Thanksgiving are designed to make people grateful to see you once again, no matter how long it's been!

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