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4th of July Clothing

It's time for fireworks in your wardrobe-but don't call the fire marshal just yet. This Tipsy Elves 4th of July clothing isn't quite that combustible. It's just that our designs are super-hot and really help you put on a show. In this Old Glory inspired apparel, you'll be ready for anything Independence Day can throw at you, from sweltering heat to a beer shortage.
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American Flag Leggings Quick View
American Flag Leggings
$28.00 $17.00
American Flag Swim Trunks Quick View
American Flag Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Americana Sunglasses Quick View
Americana Sunglasses
$32.00 $21.00
Anchor Swim Trunks Quick View
Anchor Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Baywatch Hat Quick View
Baywatch Hat
$25.00 $14.00
Ben Tanklin Quick View
Ben Tanklin
$28.00 $10.95
Blue USA Beanie Quick View
Blue USA Beanie
$25.00 $14.00
Camo Leggings Camo Leggings Quick View
Camo Leggings
$28.00 $17.00
Dwight D. Eisen Trousers Quick View
Dwight D. Eisen Trousers
$64.00 $53.00
Flag One Piece Swim Suit Quick View
Flag One Piece Swim Suit
$48.00 $37.00
Grand Finale Shorts Quick View
Grand Finale Shorts
$40.00 $29.00
Grand Finale Swim Trunks Quick View
Grand Finale Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Hundo P Sunglasses Quick View
Hundo P Sunglasses
$32.00 $21.00
Jam Blaster Sunglasses Quick View
Jam Blaster Sunglasses
$32.00 $21.00
Liberty Jean Shorts Quick View
Liberty Jean Shorts
$38.00 $27.00
Liberty Leggings Quick View
Liberty Leggings
$28.00 $17.00
Men's American Flag Socks Quick View
Men's American Flag Socks
$12.00 $9.00
Men's American Flag Sweater Quick View
Men's American Flag Sweater
$59.00 $48.00
Men's Americans are Sexy Tee Quick View
Men's Americans are Sexy Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Baywatch Jacket Quick View
Men's Baywatch Jacket
$84.00 $73.00
Men's Baywatch Swim Trunks Quick View
Men's Baywatch Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Men's Blue Meowica Tee Quick View
Men's Blue Meowica Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Caw So Hard Tee Quick View
Men's Caw So Hard Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Charcoal USA Tee Quick View
Men's Charcoal USA Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Classic USA Sweater Quick View
Men's Classic USA Sweater
$59.00 $48.00
Men's Dibs Tee Quick View
Men's Dibs Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Dick Pic Tee Quick View
Men's Dick Pic Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Epic Eagle Tee Quick View
Men's Epic Eagle Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Grand Stand Jumpsuit Quick View
Men's Grand Stand Jumpsuit
$79.00 $68.00
Men's Lit Tee Quick View
Men's Lit Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Patriotic Caw Tank Quick View
Men's Patriotic Caw Tank
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Patriotic Peace Tank Quick View
Men's Patriotic Peace Tank
$28.00 $10.95
Men's PAWtriotic Tee Quick View
Men's PAWtriotic Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Presidential Pong Tee Quick View
Men's Presidential Pong Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Red Pants Quick View
Men's Red Pants
$63.95 $39.95
Men's Ronald Ragin' Henley Quick View
Men's Ronald Ragin' Henley
$35.00 $24.00
Men's Tee-Odore Roosevelt Quick View
Men's Tee-Odore Roosevelt
$28.00 $10.95
Men's USA Dream Team Tee Quick View
Men's USA Dream Team Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's USA Jumpsuit Quick View
Men's USA Jumpsuit
$0.00 $68.00
Men's USA Tank Top Quick View
Men's USA Tank Top
$28.00 $10.95
Miami Ice Sunglasses Quick View
Miami Ice Sunglasses
$32.00 $21.00
Neon Freedom Swim Trunks Neon Freedom Swim Trunks Quick View
Neon Freedom Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Patriotic Heart Fanny Pack Quick View
Patriotic Heart Fanny Pack
$25.00 $14.00
Star Spangled Leggings Quick View
Star Spangled Leggings
$28.00 $17.00
Star Spangled Tanner Shorts Quick View
Star Spangled Tanner Shorts
$40.00 $29.00
Supreme Justice Shorts Quick View
Supreme Justice Shorts
$40.00 $29.00
The American Flag Dress Quick View
The American Flag Dress
$45.00 $34.00
The Flag Shirt Quick View
The Flag Shirt
$40.00 $29.00
The God Dress America Quick View
The God Dress America
$45.00 $34.00
Men's American Flag Suit Quick View
Men's American Flag Suit
$99.00 $88.00
The Grand Finale Shirt Quick View
The Grand Finale Shirt
$40.00 $29.00
The Old Glory Beanie Quick View
The Old Glory Beanie
$19.95 $14.95
Tricky Dick's Shorts Quick View
Tricky Dick's Shorts
$40.00 $29.00
Truman Swim Trunks Quick View
Truman Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Truth Swim Trunks Quick View
Truth Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Ulysses S. Pants Quick View
Ulysses S. Pants
$64.00 $49.00
Uncle Fam Short Sleeve Suit Quick View
Uncle Fam Short Sleeve Suit
$99.00 $88.00
USA Patriotic Bikini Bottom Quick View
USA Patriotic Bikini Bottom
$20.00 $9.00
USA Patriotic Bikini Top Quick View
USA Patriotic Bikini Top
$25.00 $14.00
White USA Beanie Quick View
White USA Beanie
$25.00 $14.00
Women's American Flag Jacket Quick View
Women's American Flag Jacket
$84.00 $73.00
Women's American Flag Romper Quick View
Women's American Flag Romper
$45.00 $34.00
Women's American Flag Socks Quick View
Women's American Flag Socks
$12.00 $9.00
Women's American Flag Underwear SOLD OUT Quick View
Women's American Flag Underwear
$18.00 $9.00
Women's Americat Leggings Quick View
Women's Americat Leggings
$28.00 $17.00
Women's Blue Meowica Tank Quick View
Women's Blue Meowica Tank
$28.00 $10.95
Women's Charcoal USA Tank Quick View
Women's Charcoal USA Tank
$28.00 $10.95
Women's Dibs Tank Top Quick View
Women's Dibs Tank Top
$28.00 $10.95
Women's Epic Eagle Tank Top Quick View
Women's Epic Eagle Tank Top
$28.00 $10.95
Women's Freedom Jean Shorts Quick View
Women's Freedom Jean Shorts
$38.00 $27.00
Women's Freedom Overalls Quick View
Women's Freedom Overalls
$48.00 $37.00
Women's Grand Finale Leggings SOLD OUT Quick View
Women's Grand Finale Leggings
$28.00 $17.00
Women's Grand Finale Romper Quick View
Women's Grand Finale Romper
$45.00 $34.00
Women's Grand Stand Jumpsuit Quick View
Women's Grand Stand Jumpsuit
$79.00 $68.00
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4th of July Clothing

Do you crave red, white, and blue style for the summer? Here are just a few reasons our 4th of July clothing should be on your fashion radar this season. We think you'll agree that there are plenty of ways you can feel good about apparel that looks this great.

First of all, you get to demonstrate your national pride in a way that's totally stylin'. There are dozens of ways to wear the American flag design--and we've discovered most of them (and invented a few along the way). You can choose bold apparel with broad stripes and bright stars, or more intricate patterns that feature the U.S. flag in miniature in an all over print like the national anthem played on repeat for eternity. No matter what your style is, our fourth of July clothes are sure to get you noticed.

Second, you are able to show off your ability to mix and match our 4th of july apparel with regular street clothing. Our shirts are a great example. They go great with your favorite denim jeans and skirts, chinos, khakis, shorts, and much more. You can layer tanks and tees with button down shirts to class things up, or wear them with flip flops and bathing trunks or a bikini bottom for a casual poolside experience. For an all over USA themed look, you can wear a bunch of our 4th of July clothing at the same time. Pair some red, white, and blue Ulysses S. American Flag Pants with our "Party Like a Patriot" t-shirt to feel totally presidential. Or, wear our red, white, and blue tribal patriotic mini-dress over a pair of American flag leggings for a flurry of Independence Day style because what better way to celebrate than with 4th of July clothing?

Third, you get to support the wellbeing of kids here in the U.S. when you shop with us. Pick up some of our red, white, and blue DARE shirts for your fraternity, sorority, or athletic team to help remind students to make smart decisions. Don't forget to check out our charity section! We'll match your contribution and make sure that money goes to charity efforts helping families in need right here at home. We're proud to say that customers like you have helped us donate six figures of funding to provide comfortable apparel to children here in the U.S. It warms our hearts and makes us want to set off some fireworks in your honor!

Finally, you should wear our 4th of July clothing because it's fun and totally useful. Our accessories are great examples. We've got everything from socks to wristbands and headbands to add more Old Glory to any old outfit. Our American flag and flying eagle drink holders help you stay super chill on even the hottest days of summer. Of course, nothing is more all American than a USA themed fanny pack--especially with an attached koozie for your beer or soda can. Pack some snacks, your phone, keys, and ID in the pouch, and you are all set for your next great adventure. It's road trip time, and the summer is just getting started!