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Cat t shirts

Do you feel only partly dressed, unless there's some cat hair on your clothes? Does the white noise machine in your bedroom, make a purring sound to soothe you to sleep at night? Then you're probably scratching at the post to get your hands on these cat t shirts. They're like the catnip of the fashion world, for feline lovers everywhere.
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Cat T Shirts

You don't have to be a crazy cat lady to love our cat t shirts. But it helps. We think there are lots of reasons to celebrate felines on your apparel. For starters, cats are gorgeous, and make for very funny shirts, but they don't make you look ugly in comparison. Instead, their serene presence gives you a mysterious glow. Bask in the calico light and all eyes will be drawn to you. Here are just a few of the reasons you should wear cat shirts this season.

Fur Is Slimming: Unlike our food shirts, our funny cat shirts are cruelty free--and you get to enjoy them without guilt. When you wear cat t shirts and other cat themed apparel, there is an automatic sway in your step that accentuates your figure. Whether you are padding along silently in ballet flats or strutting in heels like you own the catwalk, these tops will give you an extra boost of catlike confidence.

Whiskers Are So This Season: The Meow tank top is one of those cat shirts that preempt catcallers by beating them to the punch. You know you are all that and a bowl of Fancy Feast. There is no need for anyone else to comment. If they do, you can fix them with an unblinking stare that will send them scurrying like scared mice.

An Independent Spirit Is Always Cool: Cats make no bones about the fact that they don't care what you think. That's the same attitude you should bring to your fashion choices. For instance, some ugly cat sweaters at Christmas should throw a box into the mix. It doesn't really matter if everyone else is following a trend. Cats aren't pack animals, and neither are you.

What should you wear with our cat t shirts? And don't you dare say any hot dog onesies! We can't pass up the chance to mention our awesome cat-themed leggings. They are perfectly suited for curling up on a couch, strolling through the mall, or coughing up a hairball in the front yard. Try the leopard print stretch pants for a sophisticated outfit. Or, give our cats in outer space leggings a spin around the neighborhood.

Either way, you will see yourself reflected in the glowing eyes of every stray cat that passes by. We know what they are thinking: "I wonder what that funny cat t shirt would look like with some of my fur shed all over it? Do those leggings make good scratching posts?" We hope you never find out! Ummmmm so how about some Shrek sweaters? Just thought I would throw that in in there for no reason at all.

When is a good time to wear cat t shirts? Halloween is an obvious choice, since there is never a time when you are too old to dress up in a casually sexy cat costume. But we can think of some other great occasions like National Adopt a Pet weekend--or National Cat Day in October. There's never really a bad time to show your love for felines. It's very satisfying to wear a shirt that is like catnip for your selfie habit. Prepare to grin like a Cheshire cat when you see how fetching you look in our funny cat shirts, and don't forget to tag us on social media when you post your snapshots. Browse our selection today and put your paws on the purr-fect top for your wardrobe.

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