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Food shirts

Did you know there's a different food holiday almost every day of the year? There's National Hot Dog Day, International Ice Cream Day, Pizza Day, and many more. We think every day is a good one to celebrate with our food shirts. You'll find all the great American favorites (and alcohol counts as a food group) in our collection of not-quite-edible tees and tanks.
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Food Shirts

Do you like having food on your shirt but find the charm fades when the stains start to smell? You can avoid that messy situation entirely by wearing one of our food shirts. From International Pizza Day to Hotdog Day and Ice Cream Day, there's always something to celebrate in the edible kingdom. Now, you can look good enough to eat every day with our deliciously designed apparel. Here's a quick look at just a few of the tasty options you can find in our store.

First on the menu is the pizza clothing. Give a round of applause to our delightfully patriotic Pizza tee shirts. It's got a quintessential Americana feel and is sure to draw nods of approval from both sides of the aisle. Our In Crust We Trust tank is another great choice if you are serious about getting your pie on. This slice of fashion heaven goes great with any of our beach wear bottoms, or with a pair of distressed jeans and canvas sneaks.

For the holidays, don't miss out on our Thanksgiving food shirts. The "It's All Gravy" design shows that you can make any situation into a party. It's all a matter of attitude. The turkey in the gravy boat is about to get totally basted, but he's treating his last few moments on earth like a spa day. The "Thankful for Vegans" tee is another tongue in cheek image that will stick in your mind--but not in your craw. Check out all our Turkey Day gear for ways to celebrate the feast season.

Technically, beer isn't a food group (unless you're Irish). But our Dublin Fistin' tees and all our Saint Patrick's Day apparel pay homage to a high-carb meal that comes in a mug. Our tropical fruit shirts like the Pina Colada in the summer collection celebrate fruitier beverages--tiny umbrella not included. Just to be clear, we do not endorse the eating of dolphins. They just blend visually with the bananas on our Beach Blender shirt. Kinda like cat shirts on a crazy cat lady, you know?

The entire Sausage Party line is about food, food, food. Or was it funny political shirts? Oh well same thing I guess. These nitrate-rich food shirts are not for the faint of heart or those with high cholesterol. From the Dirty Dog design to the Flamin' Frank, we've got the perfect shirts for a day spent hovering over a hot grill. You'll know the pain your burgers and brats feel with that summer sun beating down. In fact, you might get so hot that our firecracker popsicle shirt starts to look chillingly appealing.

We know you'll enjoy seeing some of your favorite all-American food items honored on our epic apparel. Don't forget to pick up some stretchy leggings or comfortable shorts to go with our food shirts. Above all, remember to get a fanny pack for your snacks--and a drink holder to carry your most cherished beverage. Whether you are celebrating food for food's sake or for the love of fashion, we know you'll find the right pieces in the buffet of options available in our store. Once you get a taste, you will be back for second helpings.

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