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Christmas Dresses

Christmas Dresses

A festive sweater and fun dress...all wrapped up in one! Save time planning your outfit this Christmas with our Sweater Dresses! Our form-fitting fabric, premium materials, and top-notch quality dresses will have you spending less time picking out what to wear and giving you more time to spot Santa flying through the air!
    • Womens
Women's Red Reindeer Sweater Dress Women's Red Reindeer Sweater Dress Quick View
Women's Red Reindeer Sweater Dress
$59.95 $29.95
Women's Twinkle Lights Dress Quick View
Women's Twinkle Lights Dress
$59.95 $29.95
Women's Meowy Catmus Dress Quick View
Women's Meowy Catmus Dress
$59.95 $29.95
Elf Sweater Dress Quick View
Elf Sweater Dress
$59.95 $29.95
Women's Ho Ho Ho Dress Quick View
Women's Ho Ho Ho Dress
$44.95 $24.95
Women's Candy Cane Dress Quick View
Women's Candy Cane Dress
$44.95 $24.95
Mrs. Claus Dress Quick View
Mrs. Claus Dress
$64.95 $34.95
Women's Red Plaid Dress Quick View
Women's Red Plaid Dress
$44.95 $24.95
Women's Santa Jumpsuit Women's Santa Jumpsuit Quick View
Women's Santa Jumpsuit
$79.95 $49.95
Women's Lumberjack Jumpsuit Women's Lumberjack Jumpsuit Quick View
Women's Lumberjack Jumpsuit
$79.95 $59.95
Women's Blue Rein-BEER Jumpsuit Women's Blue Rein-BEER Jumpsuit SOLD OUT Quick View
Women's Blue Rein-BEER Jumpsuit
Women's Ho Ho Ho Jumpsuit Women's Ho Ho Ho Jumpsuit Quick View
Women's Ho Ho Ho Jumpsuit
$79.95 $59.95
Women's Too Lit To Quit Tee Quick View
Women's Too Lit To Quit Tee
$24.95 $19.95
Women's Namasleigh Tee Quick View
Women's Namasleigh Tee
$24.95 $19.95
Women's Sleigh All Day Tee Quick View
Women's Sleigh All Day Tee
$24.95 $19.95
Women's Guac 'n Around Tee Quick View
Women's Guac 'n Around Tee
$24.95 $19.95
Women's Christmas Llama Tee Quick View
Women's Christmas Llama Tee
$24.95 $19.95
Women's Get Baked Tee Quick View
Women's Get Baked Tee
$24.95 $19.95
Women's Jingle Juice Tee Quick View
Women's Jingle Juice Tee
$24.95 $19.95
Women's Feline Festive Tee Quick View
Women's Feline Festive Tee
$24.95 $19.95
Christmas Lights Leggings Christmas Lights Leggings Quick View
Christmas Lights Leggings
$34.95 $19.95
Sequined Snowflake Leggings Sequined Snowflake Leggings Quick View
Sequined Snowflake Leggings
$27.95 $14.95
Candy Cane Leggings Candy Cane Leggings Quick View
Candy Cane Leggings
$34.95 $19.95
Red Sequin Leggings Red Sequin Leggings SOLD OUT Quick View
Red Sequin Leggings
$39.95 $19.95
Meowy Christmas Leggings Meowy Christmas Leggings Quick View
Meowy Christmas Leggings
$27.95 $14.95
Christmas Tree Leggings Christmas Tree Leggings Quick View
Christmas Tree Leggings
$27.95 $14.95
Black Reindeer Leggings Black Reindeer Leggings SOLD OUT Quick View
Black Reindeer Leggings
$27.95 $14.95
Red Reindeer Leggings Red Reindeer Leggings Quick View
Red Reindeer Leggings
$27.95 $14.95
Christmas Candy Leggings Christmas Candy Leggings Quick View
Christmas Candy Leggings
$27.95 $14.95
Gold Leggings Gold Leggings SOLD OUT Quick View
Gold Leggings
$27.95 $19.95
Rose Gold Sequin Leggings Rose Gold Sequin Leggings SOLD OUT Quick View
Rose Gold Sequin Leggings
Silver Leggings Silver Leggings Quick View
Silver Leggings
$27.95 $19.95
Gold Foil Ornament Leggings Gold Foil Ornament Leggings Quick View
Gold Foil Ornament Leggings
$34.95 $19.95
Cat Earrings Cat Earrings Quick View
Cat Earrings
$11.95 $6.95
Christmicorn Earrings Christmicorn Earrings Quick View
Christmicorn Earrings
$11.95 $6.95
Glitter Ornament Earrings Glitter Ornament Earrings Quick View
Glitter Ornament Earrings
$19.95 $14.95
Humping Reindeer Earrings Humping Reindeer Earrings Quick View
Humping Reindeer Earrings
$11.95 $4.95
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Christmas Dresses

The weather outside is frightful, but our Christmas dresses are delightful! The winter holiday is definitely not the time to keep your lovely legs under comfy Christmas Pajamas. Instead, you should invest in a pair of warm tights, snug leggings, or candy-cane striped legwarmers to keep your calves cozy while you flaunt your gams at the X-mas party. We've got just the right frosty frocks to give your winter wardrobe real flair. Take a look at what should be on your Christmas shopping list right now.

First up are our sweater dresses--for when you want to give the ugly sweater party a glamorous makeover. The elf dress makes you look just like one of Santa's little helpers. But you won't be toiling away in a chilly workshop at the North Pole. These Christmas dresses were made for partying along side our stylish Christmas suits. This one in particular is also a fun piece to wear if you are volunteering during the holidays. There's nothing that delivers a bigger sense of accomplishment than brightening someone's day with generosity while practically glowing green with Yuletide cheer. The classic Fair Isle sweater vest in cranberry red with white reindeer is sure to be another eye-catcher. Turn a gray winter day into a wonderland when you wear this Christmas dress out on the town! Just remember, dawning a beautifully festive Christmas dress will get you so much further than a regular old Christmas shirt!

If you want to go along with our Tipsy Elves tradition of celebrating ugly Christmas sweaters for women, then our green and red sweater dress fits the bill. The court jester style collar and cuffs are complete with pom-poms that you can shake whenever you raise your hands in the air and shake them like you just don't care. Actually, you will want to keep your wrists clear of the punch bowl--those pom-poms won't be nearly as adorable once they have been dipped in egg-nog. Of course, our Christmas sweater dresses are washable for enjoyment throughout the season.

Our fitted, sleeveless A-line Christmas dresses are a completely new take on winter fashion. You won't be able to resist the touchable faux ermine edging on our Mrs. Claus outfit. It's got naughty written all over it! Pair this number with knee high black boots and a modest white cardigan to start the evening. Then slip out of your sweater to show a little shoulder under the mistletoe with someone who may or may not be wearing one of those ugly suits.

The Candy Cane dress is so likeable, it's almost lickable. The diagonal lines look mesmerizing when you give this gown a twirl. Wear this festive piece with solid red tights for a modern statement on an old-fashioned candy. If you prefer a little black dress that still screams "Christmas", our Twinkle Twirler frock is headed into your shopping cart. The string of lights design makes this one of our favorite Christmas dresses to pair with real light up accessories from hair bows to bracelets. Find some red and green glow sticks to turn the next holiday party into a rave. Finally, you won't be able to see the forest for the trees when you pair our Pine Princess dress with matching leggings. That's a whole lot of cruelty free fir going on! Unlike those many cotton Christmas shirts!