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Funky Christmas Sweaters

If it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, that means just one thing. Time to get festively funky! And there's no better place to get hilarious holiday gear, than right here. Grab one of our funky Christmas sweaters and let the jingle bells ring out a sick beat. Because it's party time and you are about to get down like an elf on New Years vacation.
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Men's Centaur Claus Sweater SOLD OUT Quick View
Men's Centaur Claus Sweater
$59.00 $49.00
Men's Miss Me Yet Ugly Christmas Sweater SOLD OUT Quick View
Men's Miss Me Yet Ugly Christmas Sweater
$65.00 $49.00
Women's Black Snowflake Vest Quick View
Women's Black Snowflake Vest
$65.00 $39.00
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Funky Christmas Sweaters

Does wintertime give you the blues? Does the lack of sun coupled with all those annoying decorations make you feel like you're going a little crazy? Maybe you are looking for a shot in the arm to help you survive the season with a smile. Our funky Christmas sweaters will help you have a hip holiday and a groovy new year. You'll be the star of the next ugly Christmas sweater party in any one of our super-cool Tipsy Elves ugly Christmas sweaters.

The Menage a Trois reindeer design takes funky Christmas sweaters in a whole different direction. The trio of caribou on this gorgeous snowflake and diamond bedecked outerwear really know how to take things to the next level. But what happens at the North Pole stays at the North Pole. This sweater will either make you the center of attention or a complete pariah at your next Christmas party. Both those outcomes can be acceptable depending on how much time you like to spend alone at the punch bowl. If there's plenty of rum in the mix, you might not even care...

Do you like your reindeer Christmas sweaters to be a little less controversial? You can charm partygoers with a nice Fair Isle Design. We know this sweater won't get a quick reaction from any who look at it but you will be sure to fit in at any funky Christmas sweater party.

Before you accept an invitation to an ugly xmas sweater party, ask yourself one question, "WWJW (What Would Jesus Wear?)"We like to think he'd have a sense of humor and go along with this amusing and harmless holiday tradition. At least, we hope he wouldn't come after us for trademark infringement by knitting his image into one of our funky Christmas sweaters. Tipsy Elves just want to have fun!

Are you curious what you can wear with that funny Christmas sweater of yours? Don't stop with just the sweater. Your whole outfit should be over the top. Wear neon green shoelaces with dress shoes. Take a marker to your ripped up jeans and add some messages of Christmas cheer. Obscure quotes from the Nightmare Before Christmas should keep other partygoers guessing. Remember to don some funky headgear too to match your funky sweater. A toboggan topped with a light-up star is one option. Or keep it simple with a Christmas beanie. Just don't let it cover up your fake elf ears!