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Halloween costume ideas

October is probably the only month of the year when it's acceptable to leave the house in a bedsheet. But forget throwing on a bedsheet as a last minute costume, we've got plenty of new and original Halloween costume ideas for 2018. With our Halloween costume ideas you can still throw on a costume last minute, but be prepared to get a lot more attention than you would have in that old bedsheet. So this year, ditch the traditional ghoul and vampire costumes for something 1,000 times more fun. We've got tons of outrageous Halloween costume ideas ranging from our kangaroo jumpsuit to our gumball bodysuit and pinata dress. You can't go wrong this year with our endless variety of epic Halloween costume ideas, but you can go wrong with a bedsheet.
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Halloween Costume Ideas

October: it’s the only month of the year when it’s acceptable to leave the house in a bedsheet. But we know you can do better than bedsheet ghost costumes – thankfully our 2018 Halloween costume ideas are more creative than just ghouls and vampires. We’ve got everything to ramp up the fun from unicorn bodysuits to pumpkin costumes – even for babies! Browse our Halloween costume ideas for scary cool inspiration.

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas, 2018 has given us some amazing inspiration. What better way to scare off the trick or treaters than opening your door dressed head to toe like Donald Trump? We’re proud pioneers of the ladies’ and gentlemen’s Trumpsuit – complete with a freaky face mask to rival most serial killers. Tiny hands not included, folks.

Looking for something a little more light-hearted? We’ve got hundreds of juicy Halloween costume ideas – and we mean this quite literally. Rock your socks off in our men and women’s pineapple costumes, or embody the candy queen in our gumball machine costume for ladies.

Halloween is the ideal time to wear a comfortable costume that’s going to keep you warm right into November, which is why our Halloween costume range includes an extensive selection of jumpsuits. Each of these is made with skin-friendly, 100% cotton – perfect for keeping you toasty while you roam the streets for candy, but breathable enough to shake your booty in all night long.

Ladies: looking for vampy Halloween costume ideas for 2018? Everybody knows the sexy outfit rule, so unleash your inner beast with our range of daring Halloween costumes. You’ll find everything from the graceful butterfly right through to the hot army chick, so wherever you go, you know you’ll turn heads.

Let’s not forget the gentlemen however – we’ve got everything from full head to toe jumpsuits to even the most casual of t-shirts. Need a quick and easy look to get yourself through office Halloween celebrations? No problem. Just try one of our ghost or pumpkin t-shirts – they’re the best way of saying “I respect your traditions, but I never spend more than 30 seconds getting dressed.” Simple.

Our 2018 Halloween costume range features some of our best yet – there’s a whole new round of themes, from fantasy to animals. If dressing like a werewolf is too 1981, why not take a different approach with our lovable kangaroo costume? You could also try a chicken, cat, or even the humble lobster – complete with pincers. Every one of our animal-themed costumes comes with authentic accessories to complete the look, whether it’s a lobster antennae or a unicorn horn.

Candy is very en vogue this year too – if you’re not leaking quarters dressed as a gumball machine, then turn yourself into the main attraction with our piñata costume. There’s even the option of dressing like everybody’s favorite dessert: ice cream costume, anyone?

Every one of our Halloween outfits has been carefully crafted to mold to your shape, whether it’s a sexy skin-tight catsuit or a loose-fitting tank top. With so much choice, from casual office wear to full on taxidermy, Halloween 2018 is yours to own.

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