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Neon Clothes

Neon is the new black. And our neon clothes have enough wattage to ensure that everyone will see you coming. From shirts, to leggings and accessories of all kinds, if it's not screaming for attention, it's not worth wearing. Ditch the earth tones and subdued solids and get crazy with the most colorful shirts on earth!
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Hundo P Sunglasses Hundo P Sunglasses Quick View
Hundo P Sunglasses
Men's Blue DARE Tee Quick View
Men's Blue DARE Tee
$24.95 $10.95
Men's Party Patrol Jacket Men's Party Patrol Jacket Quick View
Men's Party Patrol Jacket
$84.95 $59.95
Men's Rainbow Pro Jacket Men's Rainbow Pro Jacket Quick View
Men's Rainbow Pro Jacket
$84.95 $69.95
Neon Pink Leggings Neon Pink Leggings Quick View
Neon Pink Leggings
Neon Yellow Leggings Neon Yellow Leggings Quick View
Neon Yellow Leggings
$27.95 $17.00
The Snowblind Beanie Quick View
The Snowblind Beanie
$19.95 $11.95
Women's Blue DARE Tank Top Quick View
Women's Blue DARE Tank Top
$24.95 $10.95
Women's Dance Machine Tank Top Quick View
Women's Dance Machine Tank Top
$24.95 $10.95
Women's Party Patrol Jacket Women's Party Patrol Jacket Quick View
Women's Party Patrol Jacket
$89.95 $59.95
Women's Rainbow Pro Jacket Women's Rainbow Pro Jacket Quick View
Women's Rainbow Pro Jacket
$84.95 $69.95
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Neon Clothes | Neon Clothing

Do you want to be able to stop traffic simply by getting dressed in the morning? Our neon clothes are almost bright enough to do the trick. Whether you have a soft spot for vintage fashion or simply like to make a statement with cornea piercing colors, this collection will soon earn a place in your heart. Here's a look at some of our most gnarly neon clothes designs and how to put together a look for play days or party nights.

Let's start with your legs, because they deserve it! For the ladies, we can't wait to share the legging designs we have created just for you. The snug but flexible fit of our neon-colored leggings makes them a lovely piece of 80s apparel for the dance floor. The hot pink is a show stealer, but the neon splattered black leggings can certainly hold their own as well. These Women's 80s leggings can go equally well with a flowing tunic top or one of our tempting neon crop tops depending on how much outrageous, curvaceous body you want to show off.

Guys, we haven't forgotten you. Check out our neon clothing for your bottom half. The Vicious Fishes shorts will make you a big fish in a little fashion pond this season and help you reel in all the best dancers at the luau. Or, if it's time to hang with the dudes, you can don a pair of Broski shorts to show your solidarity and earn the respect of your buddies.

Want to be up to your neck in vivid color? Our neon clothing rises to the occasion with 80s inspired t-shirts that are triple dyed to stay brilliant even after repeated laundering. And you will need to wash these shirts, because you are going to be dancing up a storm in them! That doesn't mean you will sweat, but you will certainly ooze charm. Go for solid neon in green, yellow, orange, or pink.

Or, try one of our winsome prancing unicorn designs to add magical flair to your neon clothes wardrobe. Not your normal 80s fashion for Women, but it certaintly gets its neon ispiration from the 80s. That shirt is definitely one to wear with your whitest, puffiest sneakers so you can prance and dance your way into the hearts of everyone watching. If you want to step out more like a wolf, give our glow-in-the-dark shirt a whirl. It's got a lot of howl and just the right amount of bite.

Rock any of these neon clothes with our pink, green, and blue neon shades when you plan to be out soaking in the UV with the top down on your convertible. Or, protect your noggin with a trendy ball cap complete with our logo to show your support for extreme eighties fashion. For an even more retro vibe, wrap your wrists and forehead in bright stretchy sweatbands in a variety of brilliant hues. And don't forget the ubiquitous fanny pack. You'll particularly enjoy the hip jockey speaker pack with its built in sound system. Slip your iPhone or MP3 player inside and blast away the competition in an impromptu dance off on the sidewalk. It doesn't get any more 80s than this!

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