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Ugly christmas suits

Sometimes, a sweater or a scarf just won't cut it. You need to get serious about your hideous holiday apparel by upgrading to one of our ugly Christmas suits. These well-made outfits give you all the pieces you need to create a complete look-all in one amazing Xmas package.
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Santa Suit Costume Quick Add
$79.95 $54.95
Santa Suit Costume
Forest Flex Suit Pants Forest Flex Suit Pants Quick Add
$44.95 $29.95
Forest Flex Suit Pants
Rage Deer Blazer w/ Tie Rage Deer Blazer w/ Tie Quick Add
$64.95 $44.95
Rage Deer Blazer w/ Tie
Rage Deer Suit Pants Rage Deer Suit Pants Quick Add
$44.95 $29.95
Rage Deer Suit Pants
Ho Ho Holla Suit Pants Quick Add
$44.95 $29.95
Ho Ho Holla Suit Pants
Power Hour Blazer w/ Tie Power Hour Blazer w/ Tie Quick Add
$64.95 $44.95
Power Hour Blazer w/ Tie
Power Hour Suit Pants Power Hour Suit Pants Quick Add
$44.95 $29.95
Power Hour Suit Pants
Furry Santa Suit Pants Furry Santa Suit Pants Quick Add
$44.95 $29.95
Furry Santa Suit Pants
Pine Playboy Suit Pants Pine Playboy Suit Pants Quick Add
$44.95 $29.95
Pine Playboy Suit Pants
String of Lights Bow Tie Quick Add
$19.95 $13.95
String of Lights Bow Tie
Ho Ho Ho Bow Tie Quick Add
$19.95 $13.95
Ho Ho Ho Bow Tie
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Ugly Christmas Suits

You know we'll always love tacky sweaters, but even we Tipsy Elves have to admit that our ugly Christmas suits add a new dimension to the trend. They take you from sipping hot cocoa by the hearth, wearing some cozy Christmas pajamas, to strolling down the avenue with a lovely lady on your arm faster than you can say "Sartorial Santa on a Shopping Spree". These suits ensure that you look debonair from the chin down throughout the holiday season.

These suits were made for the Yuletide party scene, but that's only scratching the surface of how versatile this apparel can be. You can also wear a cheery holiday themed two-piece suit to the mall, church, the local soup kitchen, or anywhere else you want to cheer people up and remind them that this season is a time to smile. If you want to evoke a smile when you take off your jacket then wear a funny Christmas shirt underneath.

In fact, we envision you wearing an ugly Christmas suit to work--not just for the holiday party but for a regular day at the office. It's technically in alignment with even the most conservative dress code and each piece is tailored with care so it doesn't look cheap or cheesy. The folks who wrote the HR manual simply forgot to specify that all ugly Christmas suits have to be pinstripe or herringbone rather than wrapping paper or holly berry. Just think: you could be the reason for a new memo going out banning epically tacky attire.

Unlike our holiday jumpsuits, each of our ugly Christmas suits is constructed like real adult clothing. On the downside, that means you can't just step into it and secure yourself in place with one expert slide of a zipper. Also, you can't simply fall asleep in one of these ugly Christmas suits and wake up completely rumpled. On the bright side, wearing a suit means you can practice grown-up skills like doing up buttons and even putting on a tie. If it takes you longer to fasten your tie than it does to sing the first verse and chorus of Jingle Bells, you need more practice. That's OK, take as long as you like. Making a late appearance at the party just adds to the mystique of your ugly Christmas suit and might help you look cool in the eyes of a Christmas dress wearing hottie.

Which suit is right for you? Consider the wrapping paper design if you want to look really put together. There's very little difference between presence and presents when it comes to making a first impression. Or, you can try the modern twist on the classic sweater with our blue and blizzard-bedecked Fair Isle design.

For the woodsman in you, we've got a whole forest of pine trees in red, white, and green--all ready to be decorated with a gold watch or a silver tie pin. If you want a more subdued look (remember, it's all relative), try the sleek black suit flecked with holly berries. It looks particularly sharp with a red or green shirt. Or, for maximum flash, give our string of lights apparel a try. No matter which of our ugly Christmas themed suits you pick, everyone will be mistletoe green with envy! So shop for our ugly Christmas suits or ugly Xmas sweaters today!

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