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Ugly christmas sweater suits

Want to step up your fashion game and leave the rest of the holiday crowd in the dust? Our ugly Christmas sweater suits let you go next level with matching jacket and pants. From holly berries to holiday lights, there are plenty of ways to add color and style to your winter wardrobe at the next office party. Just watch heads turn as you saunter into the room wearing one of these bad boys!
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Ugly Christmas Sweater Suits

What's just as tacky as traditional holiday sweaters but somehow even cooler? Our trend-setting ugly Christmas sweater suits. Sometimes, it pays to take your game to a new level (Just ask the people who wear the night before Christmas sweaters). Here at the North Pole, we've found that the ladies really dig an elf who knows how to present himself. We think you'll find that this phenomenally dramatic apparel sends all the right messages: You have a wry sense of humor, the self-confidence to wear whatever you like, and a fashion sense that is ahead of the curve. What's not to love?

So, you have made the decision to blow all the other holiday apparel out of the water with the two-piece knockout of matching jacket and slacks. Complete with a coordinated tie, these ugly Christmas sweater suits simply snowball right over the competition. Now all that's left is to choose which suit is right for you. Here's an overview of the options and how to select the design that suits your mood or your personality.

Are you having a blue Christmas? Then our navy Fair Isle suit will make that melancholy into a feast for the eyes. You won't be able to keep frowning with tiny white reindeer prancing across your midsection. Those tiny hooves are really ticklish! If you add a pair of caribou antlers and a red nose to this outfit, everyone else will be smiling too. You can guide the fashion sleigh through the fog of last year's tacky sweaters and show all the other reindeer the way to a brighter, more tailored future.

Are you on fire like a Yule log doused in lighter fluid? Then you're the perfect match for our string of lights design. Of all our ugly Christmas sweater suits, this is the most eye-catching with flaming red fabric that gives Santa a run for his money. He wouldn't fit in this slim and modern blazer without popping a button, but it's just the right cut for you. A lapel pin would be a nice touch, but it might get lost in all that shining light. Better to stay away from those ugly Christmas Sweaters for a man.

Are you a manly man on the outside but a cuddly tree hugger on the inside? Bring those two halves of our personality together with our Christmas tree suit. The red, white, and green firs in regimented rows on the blazer and slacks are almost militant, but the overall pattern is whimsical enough to make you totally approachable. Wear this suit over a black shirt for even more contrast to finish out that clothing for Christmas look.

Are you a joker with a tendency to fall apart after a few adult beverages? Keep yourself taped together with our wrapping paper jacket and pants. Like all our ugly Christmas sweater suits, this one is a conversation starter. But it's also mesmerizing enough to make people simply stare in silence, trying to see how many holiday themes they can identify. You've got a smorgasbord of motifs from snowmen and Santa hats to snowflakes and wreaths to tantalize the eye. The old-fashioned designs counter the modern fit for a mind-bending fashion statement, kind of reminds you of the first time you went for one of our naughty sweaters for Christmas right?

Finally, don't miss our holly berry suit. This is definitely the one to wear under the mistletoe! Cap any of our ugly Christmas sweater suits with a Tipsy Elves toboggan or a scarf over to brave the chill. But don't let it mess up your hair. You want to look your sleek, wintry best for the ugly sweater party.

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