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Women's Basic Witch Tank Top

Women's Basic Witch Tank Top

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Women's Basic Witch Tank Top

Premium Quality
-Made with 50% Polyester, 38% Cotton, and 12% Rayon.
-Soft, comfortable fit
-Machine washable
-Made in the USA.
Hey, you sexy witch. Are you looking for the perfect witch costume that comes with an extra dose of cuteness, and without the green face paint and crappy wig? Aren’t we all? The witch costume struggle is way too real. Broom sticks and warts are so last century. Give your witch costume a much needed makeover with our Basic Witch Tank for a cute look that can get you through that hot yoga class. You’ll look and feel so good, and you won’t feel the least bit guilty about treating yourself to a pumpkin spice latté afterwards. Get it, witch...get it!



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