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Mermaid Bodysuit

Mermaid Bodysuit

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Mermaid Bodysuit

Premium Quality
Halloween bodysuits are made of 93% polyester and 7% spandex. Mesh is 100% nylon.
-Wash cold and hang dry is encouraged. Dry-cleaning is also acceptable.
Look who just crawled out of the tide pool! It’s unfair how some girls can look so shiny without even trying. Now, you get to join the ranks of the effortlessly elegant in this scaly bodysuit treasure. Built to look like a two piece (or three piece if you count each scalloped shell separately), this mermaid costume accentuates the sway in your step without tripping you up. Unlike other mermaid outfits, you can actually walk on dry land in this fetching number instead of waiting for a charming prince to sweep you off your fins. Get out that salt water spray to create some tousled beachy waves in your hair and make this costume complete!



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