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Girl's patriotic dresses

Here's something new on the flirty fashion scene, patriotic dresses that put the red, white, and beautiful in your wardrobe for the summer. These soft and comfortable knit frocks will draw eyes no matter where you roam this season, from sea to shining sea. Pack a couple for your next vacation!
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The American Flag Dress The American Flag Dress Quick Add
$54.95 $42.95
The American Flag Dress
The God Dress America The God Dress America SOLD OUT Quick Add
$54.95 $42.95
The God Dress America
Women's Bill of Stripes Romper Women's Bill of Stripes Romper SOLD OUT Quick Add
$44.95 $35.95
Women's Bill of Stripes Romper
Women's Grand Stand Romper Women's Grand Stand Romper SOLD OUT Quick Add
$44.95 $35.95
Women's Grand Stand Romper
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Girls Patriotic Dress

Here at Tipsy Elves, our girls patriotic dress collection is blossoming to give you great options for summertime wear--so you can enjoy more than our Christmas dresses. It's about time to give yourself that Americana look in a frock that we're already well known for providing in our tanks, leggings, and swimwear. You'll love the way our girls patriotic dresses feel all through the warm weather, with the sun on your shoulders and a breeze on your knees.

Let's take a look at some of the flag inspired patriotic dresses for girls this summer along with their X-mas themed counterparts for winter. That way, you can put together a two-season wardrobe all at one time. Just head over to see our collection of both beautiful and occasionally ugly Christmas sweater dresses after you're done browsing our lineup of girls patriotic dresses. If you're shopping in the spring or summer, you'll be finding some phenomenal discounts over there, so don't miss out!

First up is the God Dress America patriotic dress for girls who always stand during the national anthem. Partly out of respect, and partly because you have really great legs and everyone should see them. This striped red and white top with star spangled skirt comes together to create a girls patriotic dress that will make you pledge allegiance to fashion all over again. The women's Teddy Bear Fair Isle sweater dress is the wintertime counterpart, with its fuzzy stuffed animal ready to wave his holly berry hat from the ramparts until dawn's early light.

The Freedom Stars is a fabulous T dress that has the fit of a great shirt but the flare of a classic A-line dress. This girls patriotic dress features a lovely scattering of stars on a field of deep blue. The red and white patch pocket is a great pop of color, like a firework! The Twinkle Twirler dress is a holiday piece that offers a similar spark of brightness. Of course, you could also choose the elf sweater dress if you want more of a solid color look.

The Bill of Stripes and Stars and Stripes patriotic dresses for girls are a lot alike, but one is a classic T top and the other features fetching crossed spaghetti straps for when you want a lighter feel. That would actually be the exact opposite of a women's hooded sweater dress, but there's something to be said for going to the extremes! One thing that does stay the same no matter the time of year, you'll look amazing in our flirty and well-made frocks.

No matter which girls patriotic dress you choose, don't forget the accessories. A koozie with a drink holder is one place to start if you plan to wear your patriotic dress for girls activities that include a lot of outdoor time. There's got to be someplace to stash your sunscreen, a frosty beverage, and your sunglasses! And don't forget to check our socks collection for red, white, and blue stockings to wear with your canvas sneaks. That's a look that gives your girls patriotic dress a tomboy appeal that's irresistible.

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