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It's party time, guys and gals. That means you need to slip into your party shirts. Whether you're into rocking our Americana gear, our funny tees and tanks, or some great aloha shirts for a luau, it's only going to take a quick glance for everyone to know that the life of the party has arrived. It's time to get down and dapper!

Party Shirts

It’s not a good time unless it’s loud, and these party shirts from Tipsy Elves will help you crank up the volume on your partying apparel. But we know our fans down south, where the sun shines every day, prefer more of a beach atmosphere. That’s why we’ve designed a full line of mens aloha shirts and unique tropical shirts that are perfect for the summer.

Where can you wear these aggressively cool party shirts? Try a Fourth of July gathering for a start. The red, white, and blue popsicle design is a favorite for patriotic occasions. You’ll appear good enough to lick, so watch out for the ladies! Pair this bright Americana top with white chinos for a leisurely handsome look.

There’s also a perfect shirt for a summertime cookout with family or friends. The frightful cubist piranhas look hungry enough to eat a whole cow—and you can probably polish off a quarter pounder or two yourself with no problem. The vibrant design of this shirt can even help hide barbecue sauce stains.

If it’s sports time, don’t forget to pick up one of our tailgate party shirts. The pink macaws on a green background are screeching louder than a bleacher full of adoring fans. You can add to the chorus with a shout out to your own team. These birds will also help you remember that you promised to pick up some wings for everyone to eat during the game.

Perhaps there’s a Hawaiian themed luau on your party calendar this season. The girls may show up wearing coconut bras, but you’re going to wear a pineapple shirt. It’s the manly thing to do. After all, the girls go crazy for a little spiky stubble. The trim cut of these hawaiian print shirts will keep you from looking too much like a watermelon, and that’s the important thing.

Let’s say there’s a really crazy beach celebration planned. Show everyone that you are their fearless leader with our windsurfer turned shark wrangler party shirt. These mens beach shirts are sure to catch the eye of the beach babes. You can regale them with tales of gator wrestling and pearl diving while they bring you Piña Coladas. Wait. Those are waitresses so it’s their job to bring you a beverage. Don’t forget to tip!

Do you have a birthday party to attend this summer? Wear our dinosaur shirt to remind the lucky birthday boy or girl that they aren’t that old. At least not when they are compared to the extinct lizards that used to roam the planet.

Wear our shirts over Tipsy Elves swim trunks for an instant outfit. Or, just slip into your favorite pair of faded jeans to keep it casual around town. These are all perfect bachelor party shirt ideas. Whether you are traveling to the islands or touring the beaches right here in the US of A, you’ll be easy to spot as an American in our obnoxious party shirts!