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Funny hawaiian shirts

Funny Hawaiian shirts with a comfortable, flattering fit for all? You’ve come to the right place. With prints ready to transport you straight to paradise, these Hawaiian shirts are both classy and a little out there - some might even call them crazy hawaiian shirts. Sounds like a complement to us. Featuring horizontal-stretch comfort and an ultra flattering fit, the only thing laughable about these funny hawaiian shirts for men is the prints.
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Men's Tribal Hawaiian Shirt Men's Tribal Hawaiian Shirt SOLD OUT Quick Add
$49.95 $9.95
Men's Tribal Hawaiian Shirt
Women's Pinata Party Hawaiian Shirt Women's Pinata Party Hawaiian Shirt SOLD OUT Quick Add
$49.95 $9.95
Women's Pinata Party Hawaiian Shirt
Women's Coral Reef Hawaiian Shirt Women's Coral Reef Hawaiian Shirt SOLD OUT Quick Add
$49.95 $14.95
Women's Coral Reef Hawaiian Shirt
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Aloha Shirts

Our collection of Aloha Shirts is here! Engineered to hit the pool party like it said something mean about yo' mama, these bad boys will have you beach bod ready without the hassle of sit-ups and kale smoothies. Get into vacation mode with bold patterns and bolder colors because summer is too short for boring clothes! Our funny Aloha Shirts will have you flipping burgers, mixing drinks, doing backflips, and looking good while you do it. Grab your sunscreen and gear up! If you're not wearing a Tipsy Elves beach t-shirt, you're doing it wrong.

Which Aloha shirt should you choose? It depends on how you plan to spend your day. Here's our best guess at which items would be the best fit for your summertime activities. First up, there's the eye-catching green shirt with a bevy of pink macaws. It's definitely an amazing choice for your "party shirt". If you like to comb the beach as the sun comes up, this is the shirt for you. It also works great for one of those yoga classes in the park (awesome for distracting people from the fact that you can't actually touch your toes).

If your day has a little more firecracker in it, the classic red, white and blue popsicle shirt is the bomb. We know you remember this favorite summer treat from your childhood--back when it was somehow OK to run out in the street chasing down the ice cream truck. This is one of our Hawaiian shirts for men that is perfectly designed to pair with our patriotic swim trunks or pants for an Independence Day picnic. Don't forget to strap on one of our USA-themed koozies with attached beer holder to complete the outfit.

Perhaps you just enjoy sunning yourself on the sand while others brave the waves. In that case, you'll definitely like our sharks and windsurfers aloha shirt. It's a subtle reminder that there are things lurking in the ocean that could devour a human in a single bite. Bonus points if you yell, "You're gonna need a bigger boat!" at random intervals to folks headed to the water. Sure, people will look at you funny. But they were doing that anyway because of your unique and cool fashion choices.

Ever find yourself in need of a bachelor party theme? Perhaps you want to have your group of guys all wearing funny bachelor party shirts? Welp, our Aloha Shirts will be perfect for keeping things super chill and epically cool. Cruise down the boardwalk or hit up a bar while all your dudes wear some eye catching button down shirts.

As happy hour approaches, it's time to start thinking about ways to bring the party to the people. The boom box and pineapple aloha shirts are great options for this time of day. If you dance with sufficient enthusiasm, and buy your friends enough beers, maybe they won't notice that you've completely lost your sense of rhythm. Also, these shirts look best when you move at a really fast speed.

When the party is over and it's almost time for bed, slip into a comfortable dolphin bedecked shirt for that last long walk in the moonlight. You can commune with your cetacean friends by gently echolocating into the cool darkness. Maybe this trick will even help you find your truck. At the very least, this bright tropical shirt will make you easier to spot in the night.

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