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Hawaiian shirts

Move over Magnum P.I., Tipsy Elves Hawaiian shirts are here! Get ready to be the hit of every pool party and beach barbecue from here to Hawaii with wild prints that say, "I like to party" and crisp collars that say, "I seriously like to party!"
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Hawaiian Shirts | Hawaiian Shirts for Men & Women

Move over Magnum P.I., Tipsy Elves' badass Hawaiian shirts for me are here! Get ready to be the hit of every pool party and beach barbeque from here to Maui with wild prints that say, "I like to party" and crisp collars that say, "I seriously like to party!" Don't waste a minute of your summer in boring clothes when you could be rocking an aloha shirt like a time traveling 80's god! The only thing standing between you and full on, sun soaked, beach-ready glory is this simple question: Do you have what it takes?

What does it take to make perfectly unique men's Hawaiian shirts? We like to think there are four key components. First, you have to pick the right mix of colors. Bright pinks and aqua are always popular, and we like to throw in plenty of pastels as well. Basically, you take the gentle colors of Easter and turn them up to eleven.

Second, you need to pick a vaguely island themed design. Tropical animals, plants, and cultural artifacts all work fine. In fact, a shirt can feature a bird like the macaw that doesn't even live in Hawaii and still be considered a Hawaiian shirt. After all, the tourists can't tell the difference!

Third, you need to make sure the pattern is busy, busy, busy. No sedate plaids or genteel stripes will do, this isn't casual golf clothing that you'll be sporting on the greens. These bachelor party t shirts must look like a Da Vinci decided to paint the Sistine Chapel on the roof of a Hawaiian drink hut. This means the background should be covered in extremely relaxing designs. It looks absolutely artistic, but in a totally casual way.

Fourth, you need to make the beach shirts completely awesome to wear. From the fabric to the fit, it has to be exactly what a person would choose to wear on a balmy day at the beach. That's where we've really hit it out of the park. These Hawaiian shirts are comfortable, just fitted enough to be modern, and equipped with a single patch pocket for practical purposes.

How should you wear our men's Hawaiian shirts? We think these look fantastic with our line of men's beach shorts. You can match the patterns, or mix them up for even more fun. But there's also plenty of room to wear these tops with regular shorts, chinos, khakis, cargos, or jeans. In fact, these party t shirts are so eye catching that no one will notice what you are wearing on your bottom half. You could probably get away with wearing a speedo if that's your thing. Try it. You might like it.

These tropical shirts are also cool enough for some layering. If the breeze is getting to you as evening sets in, throw on a Hawaiian shirt over a cheap graphic tee or tank top. If your girlfriend is getting chilly, you can even offer to remove your garish shirt and let her wear it. If she's confident enough to strut around in one of these 100% unique men's Hawaiian shirts, she's probably a keeper!

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