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Patriotic swimsuits

Why not make a totally awesome all-American splash this summer with patriotic swimwear? Everyone looks great in red, white, blue, and water. Don't settle for swimsuits with boring patterns or unflattering designs. Show your true colors as the hottest thing on the beach in these Tipsy Elves bikinis and swim trunks.
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Patriotic Swimwear | Patriotic Bathing Suits

Are you diving into the deep end of red, white, and blue apparel at the pool or the beach this year? With our patriotic swimwear, you won't have to worry about doing a fashion cannonball when you meant to execute a flawless forward pike. The Tipsy Elves have designed a line of patriotic bathing suits that will appeal to your loyalty, your budget, and your sense of style.

What's first on our runway for summer fun in the sun? For the ladies, we've got stars and stripes galore in a low cut American Flag bikini with a fetching halter top. The contrasting primary colors of blue and red are just the start of the sizzle in this design. The bandeau style top gathers the starry fabric at the center with a fetching red and white striped band. But we don't leave this top to the mercy of gravity. Your first lines of defense against unwanted movement are the matching red and white ties that help you stay secure.

If you feel like showing even more skin on a lovely summer day, there's always our patriotic string bikini to satisfy your thirst for more UV. It reverses the design on our regular bikini, with a striped top and starred bottoms. White ties finish the two-piece, giving you plenty of leeway to adjust this patriotic swimwear for optimal comfort and to minimize tan lines.

We haven't forgotten about the guys either. Our summer lineup of patriotic swimwear is replete with swim trunks in USA themed colors. The Freedom Diver USA shorts are available in deep blue and red or frisky red and white to go with any of our patriotic t-shirts and tank tops. These bathing trunks are mesh lined to give you the coverage and breathability you want in and out of the water. Check out the back patch pocket for a screaming eagle design that will make your heart swell with pride.

There are also our trendy yet traditional American flag swim trunks if you fancy wearing our patriotic bathing suits from sea to shining sea. We call these the "Truth Trunks" to celebrate the fact that our customers are loyal and true. Three cheers for the red, white, and blue!

You can also pick up a longer pair of board shorts we like to call the Supreme Short of Justice. These aren't quite as long as a judge's robes, but these patriotic swimsuits do cover a little more thigh. If you crave that knee-length look for surfing or hanging out along the beach with a cooler, this is the pair for you.

All our bathing suits and patriotic swimwear are well-made and ready for a dip in the nearest body of water. Be sure to stock up on sunblock and bring along plenty of water wherever you head to catch some rays or some waves. And remember to bring extra layers of Tipsy Elves apparel for partying around the pool. We've got shorts, dresses, joggers, leggings, and shirts galore to keep your USA theme going all around the clock this summer.

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