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Donald trump t-shirts


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Trump Shirts | Donald Trump T-Shirts

Tell your stylist she's fired, because from now on you are wearing nothing but a Donald Trump shirt. Even pants are optional since you have the superpower of not being embarrassed by anything you do, ever. Our Donald Trump men's funny political shirts line is available in red and blue tank tops and t-shirts so you can choose a color and style that suits your gender, political affiliation (or lack thereof), and your twisted sense of humor.

We know the "America Is for Winners" Donald Trump t-shirt will be a candidate for everyday wear once you realize what a great conversation ender it can be. Watch these Women's funny political shirts clear a room faster than a political debate on Facebook clears your friends list. It is a piece of patriotic statement apparel that brooks no argument. Either you are in it to win it, or you should just leave now. We'll even give you a ladder so you can climb over the wall and back into Canada.

Actions speak louder than words, but this Trump shirt shouts down both with its obnoxiously accurate depiction of the Donald in all his glory--mouth blazing and hair blowing in the gale force wind of his own TV personality. The thumbs-up gesture is particularly apt when viewed through a cross cultural lens. For example, in Greece this hand symbol traditionally means "Sit on This". And we wonder why people in other countries shake their heads at the quality of American political discourse.

For another great Donald Trump t-shirt that can get you out of almost any scrape, try our "Sorry Not Sorry" top. It has the magical ability to let you get away with saying anything you like. All you have to do is give a smug shrug and change the subject. Or, simply talk louder and louder until coherence is completely lost and everyone is too confused to stay mad at you. Don't worry, you can keep things a little more on the calm side with our men's political sweaters.

This is the ideal Donald Trump t-shirt to wear to a family reunion or any other event where tempers tend to flare and passive aggressive communication is the order of the day. If anyone gets upset, you can simply point to your chest and tell them to talk to the Donald. You can't control what he does and are absolved from all blame. Hence the women's political leggings with Republican Elephants all over them.

Don't miss this opportunity to pick up the most historically significant apparel that will ever grace your closet. No matter what happens in the years to come, this time in the twenty first century is sure to be pivotal. Someday, you will be able to tell your kids stories of when you wore your Donald Trump t-shirt to a political rally, a protest, or an all-night kegger with your college buddies. Also that their mother wore the opposing party's women's political sweater. Sign your tee with your own giant signature in gold marker to give your ego a boost. You won't be winning any beauty pageants in one of these tops, but they could well make you reality show material. Who knows, maybe just wearing our apparel is enough to qualify you to run for office. Stranger things have happened.

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