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White elephant gifts

White elephant gifts are a hilarious must-have for any holiday celebration. Whether you want to give practical, unique or a classic gag gift, our white elephant selection has everything you’ll need to surprise the lucky number. Who will end up with the Bob Ross Chia Pet, Secret Sunscreen Flask, or Spin the Shot Game at your white elephant gift exchange? It's luck of the draw, literally.
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Flashing Light Headband Flashing Light Headband Quick Add
Flashing Light Headband
Flashing Light Necklace Flashing Light Necklace Quick Add
Flashing Light Necklace
Light Saber Chopsticks - Red Quick Add
Light Saber Chopsticks - Red
Ho Ho Ho Doormat Ho Ho Ho Doormat Quick Add
$24.95 $4.95
Ho Ho Ho Doormat
Santa Flask Quick Add
Santa Flask
The Hydropod The Hydropod Quick Add
The Hydropod
Hung Stocking Quick Add
$19.95 $9.95
Hung Stocking
Meowy Christmas Doormat Quick Add
$24.95 $9.95
Meowy Christmas Doormat
Blue Reindeer Blanket Blue Reindeer Blanket Quick Add
$24.95 $14.95
Blue Reindeer Blanket
Ho Ho Ho Blanket Ho Ho Ho Blanket Quick Add
$24.95 $14.95
Ho Ho Ho Blanket
Ask Your Mom Apron Ask Your Mom Apron Quick Add
$24.95 $4.95
Ask Your Mom Apron
Do Not Open Gift Bag Quick Add
$14.95 $2.95
Do Not Open Gift Bag
Not a Puppy Gift Bag Quick Add
$14.95 $4.95
Not a Puppy Gift Bag
On Sale Gift Bag Quick Add
$14.95 $2.95
On Sale Gift Bag
Beverage Animal Sweater SOLD OUT Quick Add
Beverage Animal Sweater
Secret Sunscreen Flask Secret Sunscreen Flask SOLD OUT Quick Add
Secret Sunscreen Flask
Meowy Xmas Christmas Card SOLD OUT Quick Add
$9.95 $2.95
Meowy Xmas Christmas Card
Andre Champagne Fanny Pack Andre Champagne Fanny Pack SOLD OUT Quick Add
$24.95 $4.95
Andre Champagne Fanny Pack
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White Elephant Gifts

Is there anything better than Christmas in the office? We don't think so. Maybe you've got a secret office crush, or you want to stick it to your boss. Whatever your motive, we've got a whole museum full of White Elephant gift ideas. We'll make sure everyone is blushing when they open your present.

Cheap White Elephant gifts

Perhaps your boss has set the budget low this year, or maybe you're just a scrooge. Great White Elephant gifts don't have to break the bank! How about our Ride With a Sloth car window decal? Or for a guaranteed Yankee Swap, our world-famous Christmas cat designs are a winner every time. Keep it wallet friendly with our men's Christmas cat socks.

Best White Elephant gifts for co-workers

Feeling a bit looser with the purse strings? You old Saint Nick you. Bring the festive fever with our full Christmas costumes, from ugly Christmas sweaters to full suits. This Meowy Christmas blazer will certainly liven up the next sales meeting.

Ladies, we haven't forgotten you. It doesn't get much more Christmassy than this women's Santa jumpsuit. If your work wife suddenly calls in sick, you'll know why. Nothing comes close to this cozy.

Wrap it up

Great White Elephant gifts start with the perfect packaging. Lucky for you, we've got it covered. Feeling like a grinch this year? Why not set expectations with this “not a puppy” gift bag. No one will ever have looked happier to get a lump of coal.

Office budgets are always a sensitive subject, so try this “I bought this on sale” gift bag. Your boss will love it and you might just deliver something not totally crappy. We've got pun-laden gift bags by the sleigh full, so hit us up for White Elephant ideas.

Ready to get your Santa on? Find the best White Elephant gifts for any co-worker with our naughty Christmas compendium.

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