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Women's christmas socks

Here's a toast to toasty toes! All hail women's Christmas socks! Sure, we're getting pretty worked up about what's basically just some comfy hosiery. But you'll jump for joy too, when you see the cheerful designs at your disposal. Stock up on a few extra pairs for stocking stuffers, because these functional and funny foot coverings are sure to delight your friends and family.
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Christmas Socks for Women

Are you going to a holiday sock hop? It's time to put on your party stockings. Our women's Christmas socks are crew length for comfortable coverage under trousers or jeans. These brightly colored Christmas socks offer you a fun way to play peek-a-boo with a festively adorned ankle. Slip on a pair of girlish penny loafers or don a pair of canvas sneakers with these Christmas socks for women to turn any outfit into a holiday ensemble. We think these stockings go particularly well with our ugly Christmas sweaters--but we're probably biased! In reality, you can wear them with just about anything.

You know how your mother can always tell if a new boyfriend is going to be trouble? It's like she has a sixth sense for these things. She certainly won't like this little guy when you bring him home for the holidays on your Christmas socks for women. He's giving off all sorts of warning signs, trying a little too hard to look innocent. He keeps saying that our funny Christmas socks for men are "adorable". As you'll see on the flip side, he's hiding a sharpened ax behind his back. These dark blue women's Christmas socks with green trim go fine with dark washed denim, but we like to see them paired with bright red jeans for a shocking contrast.

Are you feeling put out because your significant other always buys the wrong gifts for Christmas? Does he get you a kitchen appliance when what you really want is jewelry (or vice versa)? This sourpuss knows how you feel. What he really wanted was a year's supply of dried cat food for his kitty prepper bunker. All we got him was this stupid Santa hat. We're pretty sure he's going to claw holes in all our fun socks for sale just for revenge.

Unlike their more sinister cousins, these non-psychopathic gnomes are just having a party. As underground-dwellers, they really know how to get down. On these gorgeous gray socks, magical creatures throw their hands in the air and wave them about like they just don't care. You'll do the same thing when you're hanging with your gnomies.

If Don King decorated a batch of gingerbread men, the cookies would look like the little guys who are scattered across these stockings. Each one has a carefully piped icing afro that's groomed to perfection. They aren't running anywhere. Instead, they are about to film a music video with Solange (they are pretty amazing backup dancers). It's time to bring the afro back!

These lovely red and white women's Christmas socks feature cute cat characters playing with balls of yarn. Turn the cuffs down and wear these short stockings with a red and green plaid skirt for a girly look. Or, pull them on with your PJs for a quiet night by the fireside.

We know the ladies can't get enough of Tipsy Elves, so we've created a gorgeous sock design that's got "suave" written all over it. The contrasting red, green, and gold will let you pair this pattern with any Christmas sweater. We'll hop in your stocking and jingle your bells. All you have to do is ask.

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