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Christmas socks

Santa isn't the only one interested in your stocking choices this year. Tipsy Elves has a whole line of Christmas socks that will have you rocking around the Christmas tree in style! From gnomes and elves to cats and gingerbread men, find festive patterns to adorn your ankles and amuse your coworkers.
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Christmas Socks

When you were putting together your ugly sweater outfit, did you forget something? Hopefully, you didn't forget your pants or Christmas pajamas. But you might have overlooked the opportunity to pick out a special pair of fun Christmas socks. That's probably why you're here right now, and we are happy to help. We have socks for every taste, from corny to crazy. Here's a quick review of some of our most sizzling stocking styles.

Let's start with the best Christmas socks for men! We are fully committed to the ugly sweater ethos, and we take it to the next level with all our gear--from beanies to swants. We want to be known for the ugliest knitted gear in town. We've even plastered our own unattractive likeness all over these bright yellow Christmas socks. That's how deeply committed we really are! You'll grin along with us at the red and green trim on this holiday hosiery.

We've got two different gnome designs for your enjoyment. Gnomes like to stay close to the ground, and it doesn't get much closer than sock level! These secretive creatures can be playful, like those depicted on our men's novelty socks, or they can be conniving. The Suspicious Gnome has a hatchet behind his back, ready to cause some mayhem as soon as you stop paying attention. Don't look away. And, whatever happens, don't blink!

Kitties are another popular design on holiday socks. The Cat and Yarn Christmas socks are whimsical and nostalgic. They remind you of happy memories of Christmases past, filled with crinkling wrapping paper and the smell of fresh mincemeat pie. The Angry Cat socks help you recollect what holidays with the family were really like. Some poor male relative would get stuffed into an ill-fitting, moth-eaten Santa suit and dig through a half empty sack to pull out toys--most of which were for your spoiled cousin.

Do you like holiday socks for Women that have some attitude? This gingerbread man is ready to stand up to "The Man" (Santa) and initiate some real changes up in here. He'll start by abolishing the whole milk and cookies nonsense. This gingerbread gentleman is crispy brown, and proud of it. We think you'll agree that adding a full head of carefully teased hair adds some extra spice to this classic cookie. The green and red colors are eye-catching and make these stockings into a real statement.

Since they are in direct contact with your sweaty feet all day, Christmas socks really do need to be washed frequently. We recommend buying a few pairs of holiday Christmas socks so you can rotate them out. Otherwise, you might hear little children singing, "Jingle bells, your feet smell" whenever you walk by. It's also nice to have a full selection in your sock drawer. You can choose the sock that speaks to you on the deepest level each day. Whatever you decide, we're standing by to get your Christmas socks shipped to you ASAP so you can enjoy them throughout the winter season.

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