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Holiday sweaters for women

Want to put some happy in your holiday regardless of how crazy the season can be? Our women's holiday sweaters will help you recover your sense of humor amid all the hustle and bustle. Get ready to put a smile back in your wardrobe, when you see our designs. Whether you like cute, funny, ugly, or weird, we've got eye-catching sweaters you'll adore.
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Women's Drinking Game Ugly Christmas Sweater
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Women's Holiday Sweaters

Our women's holiday sweaters feature many time-honored characters from Christmas lore. But none are depicted so frequently as good old Kris Kringle. We think you'll agree that he's the perfect partner to take to an ugly sweater event. With his twinkling eyes and merry dimples, Santa is always the life of the party. Your friends will chortle with glee when they see the way he's portrayed on our Tipsy Elves X-mas sweaters for women.

Our Black Santa women's holiday sweater lets you poke lighthearted fun at the people who claim that "Historically, Santa Claus is white". It's just not true. You know that for sure that Santa is African-Arctican because of the DNA results from where St. Nick scraped himself on the fireplace grate at your house. When you wear this design, your theme song for the evening will be: "Just believe in Santa Claus, like you believe in love. Just believe in Santa Claus, and everything he does." Amen, Sister. Amen.

Not all public schools teach cursive handwriting anymore. But Santa is way old school. Your friends will admire the elegant script with which Mr. Claus expresses his holiday greetings. Unfortunately, this very drunk and disorderly Santa Claus is raising a bit of a stink on our Yellow Snow women's holiday sweater. It's a good thing that the surrounding black pine forest smells like a car freshener. Actually, a pine tree air freshener would make a delightfully tacky and odorous necklace pendant to go with this outfit...

Santa didn't know that his team of reindeer downed a watering trough full of Red Bull before tonight's round of gift deliveries. Now, Cupid definitely does have wings! St. Nick is hanging on for dear life as the sleigh careens through the air. If they don't slow down soon, Santa might find himself walking on the moon. Like many of our holiday sweaters for women, this one plays with contrasting colors, giving you lots of choices for accessorizing. A pair of printed leggings and red shoes would pick up the candy-cane striped street sign there at the North Pole. A cozy pair of women's joggers are great for any occasion. If you are looking for full-fledged comfort, direct yourself over to our women's Christmas pajamas that cover almost every inch of your body in jolly comfort.

Santa is such an iconic figure that all you have to see is one elegantly gloved hand and furry red sleeve to know it's the Jolly Old Elf. We feature that disembodied appendage on the Gingerbread Nightmare Sweater. In this grisly scene, St. Nick plays the villain--chasing hapless cookies across a festive red dessert plate as they scream for mercy. Decorate a pair of distressed jeans with excessive amounts of annoying bric-a-brac to complete this ugly outfit.

Just because you're wearing a women's ugly Christmas sweater doesn't mean you want an ugly fit. Our sizes are easy to figure out if you've got a measuring tape. Just match your body length (top of shoulder to sweater hem), arm length (with your arm bent), and bust circumference to the measurements on our sizing chart. If you're on the margin, pick one size up since the women's holiday sweaters aren't baggy.

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