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Costumes don’t have to be homemade to be imaginative and original. Our creative Halloween costumes let you show off your quirky side without the dangers that come with handling a hot glue gun. You’ll be sure to get high fives from your friends for these unique and eye-catching choices. There’s something for every personality, even if it is just some Halloween shirts, so let’s find the right creative Halloween costume for you.

The Space Cadet: Who forgot to bring the beer? If that’s usually you, now is your chance to even the score. The astronaut onesie is definitely one of our most creative Halloween costumes. The name patch may say “Tipsy”, but it could just as well be “Popular”. The six pack drink holder on the back of this outfit will help keep you from floating away. Wear your puffiest sneakers with this jumpsuit to complete the outfit.

The Peace Maker: If you’re always patching things up when friends get in a tussle, then you’ll be perfectly suited to our Stitched Up onesie. This looks like a traditional button down suit, but it’s actually an unique change up to your daily routine. Instead of being simple pin-stripe, it’s got zig-zagging stitchery all over. This is what happens when you take a suit to a tailor after it’s been through a wood chipper. We know you can hold it together. Just hang in there! Also, don't forget about the other option that ius our skeleton onesie.

The Back Slapper: If you are always getting roasted by your buddies, it’s time to embrace your role and go whole hog with our hotdog jumpsuit. The one-piece design will keep your buns toasty warm, and the mustard stain on the front won’t make anyone bat an eye. When you show up at the party, it’s going to be a sausage fest. But that can’t be helped.

The Dreamer: If you are best known for your fantastical ideas and the fact that your head is in the clouds, the unicorn  costume will be your selection from our line of creative Halloween costumes. This jumpsuit will instantly transport you to a magical land where random people give you free sweets and you can stay out way past your usual bedtime. Actually, that’s probably just because it’s Halloween. But you’ll score extra candy by being dressed as a unicorn. That’s just science.

The Straight Shooter: Maybe you like to get to the point and don’t have a funny bone in your body. You’ll still find our Bones onesie to be a rib-tickler. This skeletal suit lets you show the world your real self, stripped bare of everything (including unnecessary frills like skin and muscle tissue). The stark, surreal structure underneath is sophisticated and austere. But you can also zip up the skull-bedecked hood over your face and do funny voices if you want to clown around a little. That's why we classify this jumpsuit as on of our unique halloween costumes.

The Party Animals: When was the last time you shaved? Do you feel like you can barely be bothered to screw your head on straight? Then you’ll want a Werewolf or Frankenstein costume for sure. This devil costume is all about showing that disheveled is the new chic. Our Mardi Gras outfits will also have you looking up and dressed for the party. What more can anyone expect from you? So shop for one of our creative Halloween costumes today.