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Festival fanny packs


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Festival Fanny Packs

We're in the business of creating a festival fanny pack collection that will bring back this highly useful accessory in a whole new way. There's no excuse for buying a plain, boring black fanny pack. Festival goers should know you are serious about safeguarding your valuables without sacrificing an ounce of fashion. If finding the right belt bag is the only thing standing between you and purchasing those tickets, get off your fanny and start shopping. These fanny packs for festivals are going like hot cakes, and you want to grab one while they last!

Feel like listening to a cover band as they rock and roll some good old-fashioned American hits? Then you'll definitely be attracted to our USA flag fanny pack with koozie. It's just one of our many patriotic themed bags and is a great match for our Americana apparel line. There's no question that your bag can do double duty as an awesome festival fanny pack and for sporting events where you want to cheer for team USA.

Looking for rave fanny packs? You won't want to miss our dayglow bag (and it's actually really hard to miss with those vibrant colors). This kind of festival fanny pack has room for all your essentials from wallet to neon glasses. It's hoodie compatible and will even help keep you hydrated with the attached koozie. You can wear it in front or in back depending on where you want to shake it, shake it, shake it. Of course, opening a soda after all that movement could make things even more fun!

Perhaps it's a breezy March day with an Irish festival coming up. Then it's time to whip out your gold St Patrick's fanny pack. It shines like a leprechaun's treasure and even has rainbow suspenders to hold it up. This design can be worn with jeans or kilts and is suitable for lads and lassies. When you're dancing a jig or trying to find a place to store a baggie of leftover haggis, this is the perfect fanny pack. Festival grounds are notorious for having dodgy lost and found bins, and you don't want your valuables ending up trampled underfoot. So don't rely on your luck to keep your belongings safe. With our St. Patrick's fanny pack, you'll be full of charm--and the attached drink holder will help keep you topped up with your favorite brew.

To make any of our fanny packs for festivals even more epic, add a six pack drink holder. This will make you an instant smash hit--just watch out for all those grabbing hands. Maybe they just want to get their mitts on a cold one, or maybe they have klepto tendencies when it comes to cute fanny packs. If you are in charge of organizing an event, handing out a festival fanny pack (or a hundred) as a raffle item, door prize, or promotional gift is a stellar idea. People may laugh at the humble waist bag, but they will definitely get some good use out of it.

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