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Green hawaiian shirt


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Green Hawaiian Shirt

There's something about the springtime that makes you want to slip into a green Hawaiian shirt and get right out into that sunshine like you are about to photosynthesize! In fact, these make great spring break shirts. You'll find your green Aloha shirt is lightweight enough for beachwear at a favorite destination and tough enough to stand up to all the mischief you get up to with your friends. But it's not OK to wear a light green Hawaiian shirt or any of the Aloha print tee shirts from our collection for mugshot photos, so behave!

Which of our Hawaiian print button ups will you pick for your spring and summer wardrobe? The Polly Wanna Party is an obvious choice for a fiesta-ready Hawaiian shirt. Green is the prevailing color on the backdrop, which makes it a jungle-licious arena for the flock of stunning macaws. There are several species of this bird that are on the endangered list, but the ones on your green Hawaiian shirt are only in danger of getting a ketchup stain on them from your ballpark hotdog. And that's a risk they have to be willing to take if they want to party with you!

Another awesome blue and green Hawaiian shirt is our Fish Bowl design. It's got an aquarium motif, but the colors are definitely more "coral reef". Like so many of our slim fit Hawaiian shirts, this one is available with matching shorts. Having a complete outfit ready to go at the drop of a panama hat makes it super simple to get dressed in a hurry. That's why we recommend that your concert and vacation apparel always include at least one Hawaiian shirt, green or otherwise.

If you don't see a light green Hawaiian shirt that strikes you as vivid enough, don't discount all the other great colors you can play with to get the right look. Sometimes, it's more about the accessories than it is about having the exact shade you're looking for. In fact, our beach shades are pretty epic in their own right. They will keep you looking groovy long after you take off the shirt to catch some rays on your shoulders (while sparing your retinas). Our fanny packs also go perfectly with our men's summer shirts since they can be strapped on over the shirt, or you can wear the tails out over the belt in back.

For a slightly different take on the green Aloha shirt, check out our "Rock out with my guac out" design from our tee shirt lineup. Wear these with our pineapple beach shorts, and you'll look good enough to eat. Whether you pair a green Hawaiian shirt with our summer bottoms or swim trunks, you'll find they are light and breezy, keeping you cool at the beach, by the pool, and at a backyard barbecue. We can't promise they will prevent you from breaking a sweat at a concert or a rave, but it's worth a try. You'll be the most laid back looking dude at the event!

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