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Obnoxious Christmas Sweaters

Want to annoy everyone in a five-mile radius with your total disregard for fashion rules? Our obnoxious Christmas sweaters will do the trick--with a bow on top. It's just a matter of figuring out which one you'll wear for each of the twelve days of Christmas. Because you may be obnoxious, but you should never be predictable!
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Men's Centaur Claus Sweater
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Women's Black Snowflake Vest
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Obnoxious Christmas Sweaters

Does the sight of funny ugly Christmas sweaters make you smile? Does wearing annoying Christmas gear fill your heart with glee? Can you hardly wait for the holidays so you can put on a smile and an ugly sweater? Then our collection of Tipsy Elves outerwear, featuring a plethora of obnoxious Christmas sweaters, will make you tingle from the top of your Santa hat to the curly tip of your elf shoes. Here are a few of the most gratuitously grating selections in our online catalogue.

That's the sound you'll make with every step when you wear the Bells Are Ringing inappropriate Christmas sweater. Each of the large brass bells depicted on the front of this sweater is equipped with a tiny jingle bell in lieu of a clapper. The joy of the season will put a bounce in your step, making these bells ring from now 'til Christmas Day. Turn on the Jingle Bell Rock, because you've got the rhythm section covered. This is the perfect obnoxious Christmas sweater if you like to fidget and bop to the beat while you talk with people at a party. They'll become fixated (and potentially hypnotized) by the tiny music makers around your neck.

What's the most annoying Christmas song of all time? Probably "The Little Drummer Boy", to be honest. But "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" definitely makes the top 5. Now, you can celebrate this inane ditty in pictorial form on this gruesome piece of apparel. Of course, this sweater deserves a sound track. Wear it over a dress shirt with a chest pocket. Put your iPhone in that pocket (concealed from view) and play the awful song on repeat at a low volume. People will think they are losing their minds because they swear they can hear it whenever you walk by, but your lips aren't moving.

Obnoxious Christmas sweaters can have a very carefully targeted audience. After all, obnoxiousness is highly subjective. If you love dogs and you have an arch-nemesis who loves cats, wearing our Electrocuted Cat sweater in their presence will guarantee offense. The intimation that there could be anything funny about a cat being lit up like a Christmas tree is simply unacceptable. This means WAR! As a bonus, the ugly cat sweater is so ugly it makes everyone else want to claw their eyes out.

The Black Santa sweater is another obnoxious Christmas sweater option that can be classified as mystifying, humorous, or insufferable depending on personal opinion. But if you like to start arguments at holiday parties (just to see what will happen), this is one of those hideous Christmas sweaters online that will definitely do the trick. Getting into a heated discussion about the ethnicity St. Nick isn't the real game here. Instead, work the conversation back around to whether or not the person you are talking to believes in Santa. If they don't, walk away shaking your head and say sadly, "I just can't be friends with someone who doesn't believe the way I do." This sweater goes great with a black pair of sweater pants.