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Knit hats


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Knit Hats

Why take on the tedious task of making your own knit hat when you can buy one hand crafted by Tipsy Elves in Santa's own workshop? It kind of takes all the fun out of it knowing how cold and tired our fingers get doing all this work (not to mention how irritated Mrs. Claus gets if we drop a stich). But it's worth all the time and effort knowing that our knitted hats for men and women are helping keep you warm in the winter. Here's a peek at what should be on your head this season, and ideas for other weird things you can do with our knit winter hats.

A USA themed knit beanie hat is never out of place at any event. We think you'll enjoy rocking this look for outdoor sporting, crisp fall tailgating, hiking, and much more. A patriotic knit cap could also double as a gift if you are ever unexpectedly called upon to act as an ambassador. Presenting the hat as a token of honor as you formally shake hands and bow in greeting could buy you time to think of something gracious to say to a visiting head of state. Will one of our warm men's winter hats be accepted in the spirit it is offered? Let us know when you find out.

What about our warm women's winter hats? These include our lovely Fair Isle snowflake design. This kind of knit beanie hat is soft and cozy, just the thing to make you feel nurtured as you go about your holiday shopping or visit the winter wonderland of a national park with friends. In the spring, you might even find a baby bird that has lost its momma. Then, the knit hat could double as a substitute bird's nest as you painstakingly feed the fledgling from an eye dropper and it learns to bond with you. These knitted hats for women are just as good at multi-tasking as you are. You go, girl!

We've also got an abundance of knit winter hats to go with our ski apparel. The variety of eye-scorching one-piece ski suits on display is quite shocking. But we know you'll still want to finish off the look with a matching knit beanie hat. They come in styles to match our Santa Fe Shredder, Snowblind, and other compelling patterns so everyone knows exactly which knit hat belongs to you. Take special note of our Squirrelly Shredder design. This kind of vibrantly colored knit cap could potentially be used to flag down a passing car if your battery won't start on a cold morning.

Other uses for our knitted beanies might include keeping your cup of soup warm at work, serving as a neck pillow on a long flight, or even doubling as a giant mitten to keep both hands cozy when you are sitting outside on the porch after your friends kicked you out of the dorm for playing Christmas carols too loud. What Scrooges! But you'll still find it in your heart to buy a lovely knit hat for each of them for a holiday gift, won't you?

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