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Men's knit hats


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First Tracks Beanie
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Mile High Beanie
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Backcountry Beanie
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Just the Tips Beanie
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Summit Beanie
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Americana Beanie
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The Snowblind Beanie
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The Old Glory Beanie
The Dusk Run Beanie SOLD OUT Quick Add
The Dusk Run Beanie
Green Fair Isle Beanie SOLD OUT Quick Add
Green Fair Isle Beanie
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Blue Fair Isle Beanie
The Powder Hound Beanie SOLD OUT Quick Add
The Powder Hound Beanie
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Men's Knit Hats

Choosing a men's knit hat might seem like an easy decision. You just grab one from the bin at the nearest retail outlet and stick it on your head. But the process of selecting men's winter beanies really does deserve a little more consideration. And that's why you're here, isn't it? You want a knit hat for men who are more discerning than the average dude. Here are some of the bad things that could conceivably happen if you made a "blah" choice instead.

Let's say you chose a bland and boring knit hat. Men's fashion magazines would never call on you to be the cover model for the December edition! While the chances of that happening might be kind of slim anyway, you can still keep a sliver of hope alive when you wear a knit hat for guys who are totally fashion savvy. Our classy Fair Isle snowflake designs are eye-catching, giving you a better shot at attracting talent scouts that want a stylish face topped with a trendy men's knit hat.

Suppose you chose an ill-fitting hat with a brim that just won't stay nicely folded. It might flop down over your face during a snowboarding trick, leaving you unable to stick the landing like a pro. We're not saying the wrong knit hat for men could cost you a fracture. But we do think our snowboarding and ski hats for men give you a better shot at looking good no matter what you are doing out on the slopes.

Or, you might pick up a super cheap hat made of crummy yarn that has a tendency to pill. Those are a real turnoff for the fairer sex. They'll start wondering about the state of the rest of your clothes and if you even care about things like quality. That's simply not acceptable when a 'boggin should be attracting, not repelling the lovely ladies. We strongly urge you to make a better choice in finding a compelling knit hat. Men's toboggans in our USA collection send a very macho message, so choose one of our red, white, and blue knitted winter hats if you want to up your alpha male quotient.

Lastly, if you don't choose funny ski beanies, you are missing out on the chance to make new friends. You know you've found great buddies when they get the humor in your humping reindeer men's knit hat. If they can give you a hard time about your retro Squirrelly Duster hat without totally busting your nuts, that's another good sign. That one's a knit hat for guys who don't mind standing out from the rest of the bros and making a real fashion statement.

Maybe you're actually a gal and you're browsing here after checking out our women's knit hats. You'll see many of the same styles in this knit hat for men lineup. That means you and your boyfriend can match on the slopes--letting everyone know your guy is taken. That's something not every men's knit hat can do!

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