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Men's Christmas Sweaters

Men's Christmas Sweaters

Bro-ho-ho. Shop hilarious men's Christmas sweater designs and get noticed this holiday season!
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Men's Christmas Sweaters

Men's Christmas sweaters should be designed with a sense of humor in mind. Unless you're a J.Crew model with chiseled features and rock hard abs, you may look goofy in a funny Christmas sweater anyway. You might as well play it up for some good belly laughs. The Tipsy Elves collection of men's Christmas sweaters adds the jolly yet sardonic touch that makes your holiday attire look trendy without trying too hard.

Did you know that Macy's department store has an African American Santa in addition to their typical Sinterklaas of Dutch heritage? Now you do, and you can use that little factoid as a conversation starter when you wear the Black Santa men's Christmas sweater or another one of our ugly Christmas sweater designs. Pretty much everyone who watches Jon Stewart on the Daily Show will have something to say about your nifty wardrobe choice they had such an amazing offering of men's Christmas sweaters.

You know that awesome feeling you get from ripping the wrapping paper off a present? It's almost as intense as that sinking sensation when you realize that the gift inside is NOT what you really wanted. That's the experience being expressed by the T-Rex sweater. The dinosaur was hoping for a nice, ripe piece of carrion. Instead, all he got was a stupid stuffed bear. It's no wonder he's giving the raspberry to his great aunt Bertha. She's the same relative who gave him that dreadful "Where's Waldo" scarf last Christmas! You would do the same thing if your aunt decided to not gift you one of your favorite men's Christmas sweaters.

Are you a cat person? You don't have to hide it. This Santa Claws sweater has real attitude and is one of our ugly Christmas sweaters we are very proud of. If your cat got drunk and stole all the money (and the hat) from a Salvation Army Santa before getting in a car chase and being arrested, this is what his mug shot would look like. The red and gray color combo on this sweater will look good with just about anything--so dress it up with slacks or down with jeans and combat boots. You're ready to jingle some bells with men's Christmas sweaters that are as warm and furry as men's Christmas jumpers your pet cat.

Our emerald green elf sweater with its wide white collar and white cuffs will make you feel like a kid (or an elf) again. Go all out with the mischief factor. At the dessert table, you can stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup. If you make a scene at the party, you can always apologize to the host before you leave, "Santa made me do it."

Don't miss all the other great men's Christmas sweaters from Tipsy Elves. Whether you like to make people laugh with a cat Christmas sweaters or give them a smirk with some racy reindeer, we've got everything you could possibly need to be a hit with all of our ugly Christmas sweater party ideas.

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