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Neon windbreakers

Do you wish the wind would part before you like ice breaking in front of the prow of a massive ship? Then you will want to experience the sheer visual power of our neon windbreakers in all their retro glory. Don't be shy, go for the brightest, boldest pattern in our collection. You only get one chance to make a vivid impression!
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Neon Windbreakers

Our neon windbreakers are bringing the 1980s into the 21st century with a fresh take on the classic styles of Generation X. That was a simpler, more innocent time filled with video arcades and rainbow stickers. For the first time, teal and purple appeared together on the same piece of apparel. Neon windbreaker's colors cavorted with elation across t-shirts and sneaker laces. Today, we bring all the most garish colors from that era together in a spectacular ocular display that will have you air-guitaring your way through an entire album of rock ballads in no time. Be prepared to stock up hairspray too, because you won't be able to resist teasing your locks to epic heights when you wear our neon ski jackets online.

What should you wear with these grotesquely patterned jackets? If you are attending an 80s themed party, you need to give special consideration to every part of your outfit. We recommend starting at ground level and working your way up. For the guys, a pair of puffy sneakers or moon boots would be a phenomenal choice. For gals, go with some canvas sneakers topped with neon curly shoelaces (the no- tie kind that were so popular back in the day). Socks are optional, but we know you won't want to pass up the chance to add a little more neon at the ankles.

For the guys, parachute pants are the most obvious choice to pair with these jackets. Unfortunately, you might not have a pair of these ballooning trousers hanging in your closet. Harem pants or hip-hop cargo pants are the next best thing and you can pick up a pair at any mall. Or, you can just go with some white, pleated front slacks. Girls will want to grab an acid-washed pair of shorts or a super-tight jean skirt to go with our neon windbreakers. Whatever you wear, the best thing to cover it with is a retro ski suit.

Of course, women's or men's t-shirts with ironic sayings or the names of obscure punk bands are the ultimate tops to wear under these neon windbreakers. But garish Hawaiian shirts with raglan sleeves are another option for the dudes. Ladies can flash back to the 1980s ski sweaters by wearing a cropped button down with the tails tied together in front. Men can top off their look with oversized sunglasses, while women will want to grab a few scrunchies for their crimped hair.

What if you want to just add a hint of neon to your outfit without going fully retro? You can style our neon windbreakers with more modern apparel too. That way, you can transform back into a normal person just by taking off your jacket. These windbreakers work well with jeans and sneakers or with any kind of active wear. They are also a favorite item to pair with neon ski suits and camping apparel (activities where high visibility is a benefit). Just don't wear these designs to a fancy restaurant. The dress code may require a jacket, but a blazing neon monstrosity that churns the stomachs of other diners is definitely not what the restaurant had in mind!

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