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These aren't the sweaters that Granny used to give you for Christmas. These are the sweaters that Granny warned you about. Shop hilarious, premium quality Christmas sweaters!
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Women's Black Snowflake Vest Quick View
Women's Black Snowflake Vest
$65.00 $39.00
Men's Miss Me Yet Ugly Christmas Sweater SOLD OUT Quick View
Men's Miss Me Yet Ugly Christmas Sweater
$65.00 $49.00
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Are you looking for a better sweater? What about a humorous sweater--or even an outrageous one? The Tipsy Elves collection is the right place to shop. We're committed to delivering the warm and funny feeling our customers deserve. These sturdy, acrylic knit sweaters run true to size for easy online shopping, and our elves are on hand to answer your questions. You'll enjoy the double-panel construction and sturdy stitching that keep these sweaters from unraveling like a reality TV star at the end of a long season.

Do you look forward to the ugly sweater party at work every year? We're right there with you. Yuletide just wouldn't be the same without an ugly Christmas sweater for men and women. Dressing down to party makes everyone more fun to be around, even before you've had a few drinks. One of our top goals at Tipsy Elves is making sure you show up in the right place, at the right time, wearing the most hideous sweater possible. We make it look like a near-sighted armadillo attacked you with pom-poms and a glue gun. Our garishly discombobulated and tacky sweaters are ugly in ways that make your brain hurt.

If you want people to laugh and groan at the same time, that's no problem. We've got a design for every taste (and plenty of tasteless designs as well). There's Santa as you've never seen him before, cats in awkward situations, and a reindeer looking goofier than ever. Snowman Nose Thief sweater shows that the carrot and the stick aren't as different as you might think, and a Romantic Yeti dangles mistletoe with a glint of hope in his beady eye. A few of our adult-themed designs even put the X in X-mas with naughty reindeer frolicking in twos and threes. In fact, the reindeer games are such a favorite that we keep them coming year after year.

At our workshop, we don't just knit away at Christmas sweaters. We have to do something to keep busy the rest of the year as well. So, there's no shortage of sweaters for loyal fans of all stripes--starting with the Stars and Stripes. Show your support for team USA with a red white and blue American Flag sweater design. You probably won't bring it out of the closet for Fourth of July (unless you live in Alaska). But there's really no wrong season to show support for the troops or pride in your country. Of course, we've got a gorgeous red and white Canadian sweater that's as sweet as maple syrup. Then, there's the Union Jack to show everyone what's great about Britain.

What else do people like to celebrate as the leaves turn to gold and temperatures decline? Football, in particular, college football. NFL fans can be diehard fans or mere posers. But when it comes to college football, everyone is a true believer. We've got dozens of college sweaters to choose from with team colors and logos galore. There are the iconic Longhorns and the fierce Gators, the Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers. Every mascot is precious. We just can't choose a favorite--but we know you can!