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Women's beach shorts

What's even better than skinny dipping in a crystal stream, running ice cold down a mountain side with a family of grizzly bears watching? Pretty much anything. Also, these awesome swim shorts and a heated pool. That's the way you really want to experience the joy of swimming! Catch the latest designs below.
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Swim Shorts | Swim Shorts For Women

Do you need an alternative to the traditional two-piece this season? We have four words for you: swim shorts for women. It's like the tankini for your lower half. You get way more coverage without sacrificing flexibility or fashion. This most forgiving and yet oddly sporty looking swimwear gives you the streamlined look you crave without any of the shifting that can occur with even the most well-designed bikini bottom. When you pull on a pair of swimming trunks for sale from Tipsy Elves, you know it's going to be a good summer day!

What's going on with these designs? As you know, we take our inspiration for these garish patterns wherever we can find it. The imagery on these swim shorts for women was inspired by bad motel art, pink plastic yard flamingos, and a cheap beer commercial from the 1980s. In truth, you are looking at some of the finest work we've done to date. The vibrant tropical colors are so compelling that people simply won't be able to tear their gaze away. You'll be strutting the sand or lounging poolside with a look that's unmatched.

What are some of your favorite water activities? Buy women's board shorts to match your most vigorous sports endeavors. They can withstand the body slamming waves in your favorite surfing spot or the elbow jostling on the volleyball court with equal grace. They also give you a great transitional piece that can go from poolside to the frozen yogurt shop with ease. They look like short style swim trunks but work like a swimsuit, with easy dry fabric that takes just a bit of wind and sun to wick away moisture. You'll find these swim shorts for women much more comfortable on the ride home than a soggy swimsuit.

What will you wear with this latest selection of Tipsy Elves apparel? Aside from our line of Hawaiian shirts, we suspect you won't find anything that really matches these women's swim shorts. But that's part of the fun. Grab the brightest, most florid items in your closet and see if you can create the ideal ensemble. Personally, we think these solid men's bathing suits work just fine with our line of comical t-shirts. You can also go with plain white up top if you want the colors in these swim shorts for women to really pop.

For footwear, you can leave the wedge sandals at home. Slip on your favorite flowered flip-flops, a pair of decorated canvas sneakers, or your new water shoes to spend a day in the sun. Put that hair up in a neon scrunchie or pull it through a colorful ball cap to complete your sporty look.

These Tipsy Elves board shorts are trimly fitted, so you can sneak them on under a pair of jeans or a short skirt for an instant transformation when it's time to leave the pool. Or, wear these women's swim shorts as a cover-up over your bikini bottoms if you like to vary how much skin you show. You'll quickly find that these swim shorts for women are the most versatile swimwear in your summer wardrobe!

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