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Funny swim trunks

Not sure whether you have a body that's chiseled enough to show off this summer? When you wear our swim trunks, that's not even a question that will cross your mind. You'll be too mesmerized by how awesome your butt looks covered in vicious piranha or lovable sea horses. Yes, that's the power of Tipsy Elves swim wear. It's a confidence booster to know that you'll be the best dressed bum on the beach.
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Swim Trunks | Men's Swim Trunks

Are you tired of the bland navy or gray swim trunks that are in your bottom drawer right now? It's time to ditch the ordinary and dive into the unexpected. Whether you're hungry for eye-catching colors or head-scratching patterns, we have something to whet your appetite this season. Our Tipsy Elves swim trunks for men will help you keep your cool in the heat of summer. Take a gander at some of these feckless fashion statements and find the one that says, "Pick me!"

Ready to go totally quilted? These are not your grandma's swim trunks. They just look like something she and the other senior ladies in her quilting circle put together for you. Is it the Dutchman's Puzzle or the Windblown Square featured on these men's swimming shorts? Who's to say. One thing we do know, this pair of men's swim trunks is a perfect blend of the old-fashioned and the totally trendy. Don't worry, though. The fabric isn't actually quilted. You don't really want swim trunks to be extra absorbent...

What about something a little louder? A jungle full of screeching macaws should fit the bill. These aren't blue and gold or even vivid red parrots. Instead, they are bright pink. Because you deserve nothing less. Don't let the pastel backdrop of these men's swim trunks fool you. They are some of the most eye-popping short swim trunks you'll see all summer. For an extra feather in your cap, pair this swimwear with our matching tropical shirt.

Perhaps you feel bloodthirsty after seeing someone leave litter on the beach. Pull on a pair of our scary shark shorts and give chase. You don't have to actually confront the litterbug about their bad behavior. You can just follow behind them making ominous sounds while you pick up their trash and put it in the appropriate receptacle. It won't take long before they get the hint and make a beeline for their car. Turn and watch them go with your cold, dead eyes.

What about some men's swim trunks with more of a patriotic theme? We've got a seafaring stars and stripes design in blue and white that will provide exactly the fashion statement you need. Bonus points if your tattoo ink is the same shade of deep cerulean. Wear this pair with one of our USA-inspired t-shirts if you plan to head to a Fourth of July pool party. Or, make this your favorite pair for swimming laps at the local natatorium. In the movie that plays in your head, you could be on the US team at the Olympics, about to take home the gold. You will never get bored of our men's board trunks and women's board shorts.

These swim trunks for men aren't just about shamelessly drawing attention to yourself. They are also about comfort, a great fit, and awesome craftsmanship. The Tipsy Elves team works hard to make all the right choices to ensure you get the quality you deserve. Now get out there, grab a pair of Tipsy Elves swim shorts, and make a splashing fashion statement, because Tipsy Elves men's swim trunks are the best thing that can be happening in a pool this summer.

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