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Women's st. patricks day shirts

What's a fair lassie to wear this March? You're in luck, because our women's St. Patrick's Day shirts are here to make your holiday even greener. And that's no blarney! Choose humorous tees and tanks that will stand up to a parade, pub hopping, or any other St. Patty's Day revelry you set your mind to this year.
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Women's St. Patrick's Day Shirts

Saint Patty's Day is right around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about what Women's St. Patrick's Day Shirt you'll wear to avoid getting pinched. Here at the Tipsy Elves workshop, we've been hard at work creating a line of women's St. Patrick's Day shirts that will help you celebrate this holiday in style. We hope you look good in green, because you are about to shine like an emerald. Here's a peek at what you could be adding to your closet this season if you decide to be festive and buy a Women's St. Patrick's Day Shirt.

Do you have an ex-boyfriend who broke your heart and left you crying? You've spent long enough in denial. It's time to move on to the next stage of grief. That's not anger, bargaining, or depression. If you're Irish, the next stage is drinking and what better way to drink than while wearing our Can't Stop Drinking About You Shirt.

The awesome thing about this t-shirt is that it will encourage cute guys to purchase beverages for you in an attempt to cheer you up. They'll be lining up to help you work on your next broken heart. We say let them! It's more blessed to give than it is to receive, and you are giving them the opportunity to build up some really good karma by comforting a damsel in distress.

We went a little font-crazy with the design in our green St. Patrick's Day shirts, but it all makes perfect sense when viewed through a pair of beer goggles. The green on white version looks smashing with a pair of black skinny jeans and wedges. The white print on a green background is great for wearing with blue denim (or a pair of cutoffs if weather permits). All of this cute Saint Patrick's Day clothing for women are cut to fit your curves and have a deep V-neckline to capture the eye. A poly-cotton blend gives the Women's St. Patrick's Day shirt shape and helps keep it from getting wrinkled.

Are you a fair Irish lassie? You might be if you can drink a frat boy under the table. Our St. Patrick's Day women's shirts come decorated with a golden stein of frothy beer to show that you know how to celebrate this March holiday. It lets everyone know you're Irish, and the little four-leaf clover over the "I" gives the design a girly twist.

The trim and fitted cut of this t-shirt is comfortable and modern, and the deep scoop neck lets you start working on your summer tan a few months early. Our funny St. Patricks Day shirts boast short sleeves that make this tee one you can wear for springtime and even into summer if you like. After all, beer season doesn't end just because St. Patty's Day is over. The green and white colors look particularly fetching with white capris or a kicky plaid skirt.

You'll be happy to know that our Women's St. Patrick's Day t-shirt designs are printed right here in California, helping keep local elves employed. We're glad you chose our Saint Patrick's Day clothes to wear to all your Irish events from St. Patrick's Day parades to girl's night out. Have a green beer for us!

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