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80's sunglasses

Want some 80s sunglasses to complete a Halloween costume, an outfit for a retro themed party, or as an awesome accessory at a rave? Or, do you just like looking fabulous when you're out taking a road trip with your friends. Either way, you'll find shades that rock your world and make your upper face look super cool. Now all you need to do is grow an 80s mustache, so your lower face can fit in with your retro look.
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80's Sunglasses

Do you remember 80s sunglasses from back when in the day? Those bright colors and chunky plastic frames were all the rage. They represented a time when disillusion wasn't yet cool and it was OK to be ironically hopeful. In that golden age, the future was so bright you really did have to wear shades. But now, you can barely turn on the TV or surf the news headlines without being blinded by doom and gloom. You need something to lift your spirits and block out all that negativity. These spectacles may not be rose colored cool glasses, but our 80s glasses do feature awesome neon colors that will act as an anti-gravitational field to lift you up above the clouds to a bright sunshiny day.

What should you wear with your groovy 80s sunglasses? You might simply pair these with an otherwise perfectly modern outfit. The pop of neon would certainly show up in contrast to a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt. But that's not nearly as much fun as going full retro with our apparel. Whether you are attending a class reunion or an eighties themed party, you can dress from head to toe in our outrageous 80s themed clothes. Slip into some dance junkie leggings or don our prancing unicorn shirt. Crop tops, off-the shoulder blouses, and stretchy wrist bands should also make your shopping list.

Do you want to make disco music popular again? We have a secret weapon in addition to our 80s glasses that can help you do just that. Strap yourself into a polka-dotted hip jockey speaker fanny pack. That way, you can bring the party with you. This ingenious device comes complete with a battery pack and hookups for your iPhone or MP3 player (disco ball not included). Set the Bee Gees on a loop and get ready to do your best sprinkler or running man moves. Warning: Do NOT attempt "the Worm" dance while wearing this device. Neither your 80s sunglasses nor the smartphone in your fanny pack will remain unharmed by such a foolhardy move. As far as moonwalking or the Van Halen jump, you will have to use your own judgement and get a specific 1980s fashion outfit.

These 80s retro sunglasses are certainly showy, but they aren't just for show. If you are feeling the heat while out and about in the sun, remember that it's not just your skin that can get a sunburn. Your delicate ocular tissue could also be at risk. That's why you should pay close attention to the UV rating when you buy neon party sunglasses. We've made sure to provide you with the maximum UV blocking power to keep out all those UVA and UVB rays. The UV400 rated lenses on the 80s sunglasses are designed to keep your peepers from getting scorched. Of course, the vivid neon frames might accidentally blind onlookers with their brilliance. But that's a risk you have to take when becoming a fashion icon. So pick up a pair for you and a few more for your closest friends. It's time your squad hit the street in style.

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