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Novelty socks

Looking for the ideal gift to give someone who has everything except awesome socks? You've found it right here. Our novelty socks are well known for kicking the tail of all the other stockings on the market. When it comes to feet, these can't be beat. Whether it's a holiday, birthday, or just a day when you want a reason to smile, we've got socks for that!
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Women's Rainbow Socks
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Women's Beer Me Socks
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Men's Beer Me Socks
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Men's Blast Off Socks
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Women's USA Socks
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Men's USA Socks
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Women's American Flag Socks
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Men's American Flag Socks
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Novelty Socks

Novelty socks are the ideal accessory for a stealth fashion statement. Until you cross your legs or prop your feet up on the table to flash some ankle, everyone assumes you're wearing boring old dress socks. But one look at an inch or two of our men's novelty socks, and they'll be re-evaluating what they think about you. If you like to have a reputation for pulling off the unexpected with real flair, give our socks a go. We've sorted them by color below to help you get started. Of course, we like contrast, so you won't find any novelty socks that have less than two bold colors worked into the knitted design.

Go green this season with our Afro Gingerbread Man, Angry Cat sock styles or one of our other fun men's Christmas socks or women's Christmas socks online. One has the luxurious hair of Erykah Badu while the other just has hair all over. The festively decorated gingerbread cookies are sweet as cinnamon, while the angry kitty is a real sourpuss. Pull on the ginger-socks when you are in the mood to meet someone under the mistletoe. The angry Santa cats warn everyone to steer clear.

Royal blue is the dominant color in our "power socks." These come in Suspicious Gnome and Jewish Dreidel designs. The gnome novelty socks are topped with a green band, while the carved wooden tops are accented with bold orange. The dreidels are ideal for taking your honey for a spin on the dance floor. The gnome socks are for when you are secretly plotting a prank on a pal.

The golden socks are available in Jewish Menorah and Tipsy Elves designs. We think the elf design is appropriate for any occasion, but you can consider these your drinking socks. Be sure to call your designated driver before you pull on these bad boys! The menorah novelty socks let you shine with a light blue and gold design that adds a pop of color to any outfit.

Want to make a real fashion statement with a pair of fun socks? Cat and Yarn is our brightest pair, with a cheery red and white design that celebrates the spirit of play. Don't let a real cat get near these socks. You don't want a pair this nice to get unraveled.

Happy Gnomes dot the landscape of these elegant gray stockings. They are probably the most reserved in terms of color, but the little guys in red hats sure do know how to party. In fact, they're banned from half the bars here at the North Pole due to property damage!

We've developed a line of American Flag socks that would make even the most patriotic podiatrist very happy. Just like insoles support your arches, these socks show your support for our troops. We've got star socks if you want to feel like an all-American rock star and stripes if you feel like coloring between the lines when it comes to fashion. These men's novelty socks are great for July 4th, Memorial Day, the Olympics, and any other time when the flag is flying.

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