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Hideous Christmas Sweaters

Does Xmas cheer grate on your nerves? Want to turn the smiles on those obnoxious carolers upside down? Then slip into one of our hideous Christmas sweaters and swap your grumpy attitude for a smirk. Because you're about to get away with the fashion crime of the century-or at least the season.
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Men's Centaur Claus Sweater Quick View
Men's Centaur Claus Sweater
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Women's Black Snowflake Vest
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Hideous Christmas Sweaters

Are hideous Christmas sweaters on your shopping list this holiday season? They might be if you've been invited to one of those super-fun ugly holiday sweater parties that are all the rage. Whether you live in the United States or Canada, you've probably noticed that revolting and ridiculous sweaters (or Christmas jumpers as they are referred to in the UK) are in vogue. This trend started over a decade ago, but it's simply exploded in the last few years. At Tipsy Elves, we're pushing the envelope to take this fad to new heights. You'll be awed and amused at the latest batch of funky sweaters.

The Ugly Cat Sweater with Bells jingles and tinkles merrily away, annoying other partiers and drawing attention to your awful sweater. Now, everyone will know who took the last "pig in a blanket" off the hors d'oeuvre tray. They'll be able to hear you coming and going. No more stealthy sneaking around for you! The giant white pompoms on this ugly cat Christmas sweater make it look like the kitty got ahold of a snow ptarmigan and ripped it to pieces. No wonder he looks like the cat that swallowed the Christmas canary.

The Dancing Snowmen sweater features a blizzard of frolicking Frosties. The classic red, green, and white color combination makes this item a little too close to cute. It needed extra adornment to make it onto our list of truly hideously inappropriate Christmas sweaters. A plaid yoke and matching elbow patches took it over the line. The mix of country western, Celtic, and college professor styles is enough to make you weep tiny, frozen tears.

What happens to the unwanted, the imperfect, and the broken gingerbread cookies? They are doomed to live on forever on an Ugly Patchwork Cardigan. The headless snowman with his dead, cross-eyed stare used to be a beloved piece of chilly statuary in a front yard. That stale candy cane was left forgotten at the bottom of a child's Christmas stocking after all the other sweets were long gone. With it black sleeves, this cardigan almost looks like a sweater vest. It's two types of fashion disaster for the price of one hideous Christmas sweater.

You might think the suspenders on our hideous Ugly Christmas Tree sweater serve no purpose. But that's simply not the case. Without those black braces, we wouldn't have known where to put the extra pompoms. There are even yellow pompoms on the back of this obnoxious Christmas sweater, including one right at the hemline where it looks like a rabbit tail. Stay away from people who like to pick lint off of clothing. This sweater design will drive them batty.

We know it's difficult to see so much ugly in one place. But you'll be glad you browsed our entire collection of hideous Christmas sweater. You wouldn't want to miss that one sweater that calls out to you, "Buy me! Buy me now!" It's like choosing the ugliest puppy at the pound and taking it home. That act of generosity makes your heart feel twice its size. I don't know what kind of puppy our naughty Christmas sweaters would be in this metaphor, but I hope someone adopt it into a happy home.