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Men's Beach Shorts

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 Local Legend Swim Trunks  Local Legend Swim Trunks Quick View
Local Legend Swim Trunks
$39.95 $29.95
Anchor Swim Trunks Anchor Swim Trunks Quick View
Anchor Swim Trunks
$39.95 $29.95
Castaway Shorts Castaway Shorts Quick View
Castaway Shorts
$39.95 $29.00
Disc Jockey Shorts Disc Jockey Shorts Quick View
Disc Jockey Shorts
$39.95 $29.00
Feeding Frenzy Swim Trunks Feeding Frenzy Swim Trunks Quick View
Feeding Frenzy Swim Trunks
$39.95 $29.95
Fish Bowl Shorts Fish Bowl Shorts Quick View
Fish Bowl Shorts
$39.95 $29.00
Grand Finale Shorts Grand Finale Shorts SOLD OUT Quick View
Grand Finale Shorts
Grand Finale Swim Trunks Grand Finale Swim Trunks Quick View
Grand Finale Swim Trunks
Men's Baywatch Swim Trunks Men's Baywatch Swim Trunks Quick View
Men's Baywatch Swim Trunks
$39.95 $19.95
Men's Taco Shorts Quick View
Men's Taco Shorts
$39.95 $29.00
Sea Stallion Swim Trunks Sea Stallion Swim Trunks Quick View
Sea Stallion Swim Trunks
$39.95 $29.95
Shark Whisperer Shorts Shark Whisperer Shorts Quick View
Shark Whisperer Shorts
$39.95 $14.95
Truman Swim Trunks Truman Swim Trunks Quick View
Truman Swim Trunks
$39.95 $29.95
Truth Swim Trunks Quick View
Truth Swim Trunks
Vicious Fishes Shorts Quick View
Vicious Fishes Shorts
$39.95 $14.95
Weekend Warrior Shorts Weekend Warrior Shorts Quick View
Weekend Warrior Shorts
$39.95 $14.95
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Men's Beach Shorts

What happens when you lose your speedo in the surf? You wish you had on mens beach shorts instead. What happens when you show up overdressed at a spring break party? You wish you had worn some of our beach shorts for men. What happens when you realize that your thighs are as white as the underbelly of a fish after a winter spent under jeans? You guessed, it! You go get a pair of men's short shorts so your poor legs can get some sun and start generating vitamin D again.

Does that mean the answer for every problem in life is a pair of our beach shorts? Mens problems don't start and end with fashion, but we do think that wearing a brightly colored pair of our tiny trousers can make your day a bit better. There's no reason your bottom half has to be miserable just because you can't muster up a smile on your top half. In fact, when your days are blue, a jazzy pair of mens beach shorts and one of our spring break tee's could be just the ticket to turn things around. After all, you have to dress like the people you want to attract. And if it's shark surfing, hot dog roasting, boat sailing buddies that would make you happy again, then you need apparel that sends out that groovy vibe.

Mens beach shorts aren't just for wearing along the shore. They also make great men's music festival clothing. You can wear matching shirts, or mix it up. For example, a pair of our taco shorts would go great with our "Rock out with my guac out" tee. Or, you could pair the Vicious Fishes with our "Let's Do Boat Stuff" top. Because there's nowhere you'd rather be than safe inside a vessel when the river is filled with horrid flesh-eating piranha. And there's nothing you'd rather be wearing than mens beach shorts that are covered in piranha so you can at least blend in with the school if you take a header over the side.

What other mens beach short shorts go well with our men's tee shirts for summer? Obviously, anything in our patriotic or Baywatch line. The red, white, and blue designs are an awesome match for our Americana apparel and the fanny packs and sunglasses that complete the outfit. And it's not just about beach shorts. Mens swim trunks are also in this lineup so you can go from land to ocean and back again like a sleek sea otter (but with more hair gel in your fur).

Finally, you'll want to mix and match our beach shorts for men with our spring break tops. There's plenty of beverage inspired humor on these tees, so you need some food to go with that liquid lunch. Try our hot dog themed mens beach shorts for a solid visual meal from the waist down. Or, up the party quotient with our Disc Jockeys. They'll spin you like a record and leave your fashion reputation without a scratch.