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Festival Clothing & Music Festival Clothing

If you can't rock your wardrobe, who's going to let you elbow your way to the front of the crowd at a concert? You need music festival clothing that screams for attention like a fangirl. Only with more taste. Our line of concert and rave gear is full of good humor, outrageous color, and plenty of patriotic inspiration to make your festival season awesome.
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 Local Legend Swim Trunks Quick View
Local Legend Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
American Flag Swim Trunks Quick View
American Flag Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Americana Sunglasses Quick View
Americana Sunglasses
$32.00 $21.00
Anchor Swim Trunks Quick View
Anchor Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Brunch Bro Swim Trunks Quick View
Brunch Bro Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Castaway Shorts Quick View
Castaway Shorts
$40.00 $29.00
Crush Captain Swim Trunks Quick View
Crush Captain Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Disc Jockey Shorts Quick View
Disc Jockey Shorts
$40.00 $29.00
Feeding Frenzy Swim Trunks Quick View
Feeding Frenzy Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Fish Bowl Shorts Quick View
Fish Bowl Shorts
$40.00 $29.00
Flag One Piece Swim Suit Quick View
Flag One Piece Swim Suit
$48.00 $37.00
Flirty Flamingo Swim Trunks Quick View
Flirty Flamingo Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Grand Finale Shorts Quick View
Grand Finale Shorts
$40.00 $29.00
Grand Finale Swim Trunks Quick View
Grand Finale Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Grease Lightning Swim Trunks Quick View
Grease Lightning Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Havana Banana Swim Trunks Havana Banana Swim Trunks Quick View
Havana Banana Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Hundo P Sunglasses Quick View
Hundo P Sunglasses
$32.00 $21.00
Jam Blaster Sunglasses Quick View
Jam Blaster Sunglasses
$32.00 $21.00
Lazy River Swim Trunks Quick View
Lazy River Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Liberty Jean Shorts Quick View
Liberty Jean Shorts
$38.00 $27.00
Men's Ale Yeah Tee Quick View
Men's Ale Yeah Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Baywatch Swim Trunks Quick View
Men's Baywatch Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Men's Beaches Love Me Tee Quick View
Men's Beaches Love Me Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Blue Meowica Tee Quick View
Men's Blue Meowica Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Boat Stuff Tee Quick View
Men's Boat Stuff Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Caw So Hard Tee Quick View
Men's Caw So Hard Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Dog Lover Tee Quick View
Men's Dog Lover Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Epic Eagle Tee Quick View
Men's Epic Eagle Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Guac Out Tee Quick View
Men's Guac Out Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Just Act Natural Tee Quick View
Men's Just Act Natural Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Lit Tee Quick View
Men's Lit Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Natural Light Blazer Quick View
Men's Natural Light Blazer
$65.00 $54.00
Men's Natural Light Polo Quick View
Men's Natural Light Polo
$44.00 $33.00
Men's Presidential Pong Tee Quick View
Men's Presidential Pong Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Men's Taco Shorts Men's Taco Shorts Quick View
Men's Taco Shorts
$40.00 $29.00
Men's USA Dream Team Tee Quick View
Men's USA Dream Team Tee
$28.00 $10.95
Miami Ice Sunglasses Quick View
Miami Ice Sunglasses
$32.00 $21.00
Neon Freedom Swim Trunks Neon Freedom Swim Trunks Quick View
Neon Freedom Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
No Drama Llama Swim Trunks Quick View
No Drama Llama Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Pina Colada One Piece Quick View
Pina Colada One Piece
$48.00 $37.00
Pina Colada Swim Trunks Quick View
Pina Colada Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Sea Pony Beach Shorts Quick View
Sea Pony Beach Shorts
$29.00 $18.00
Sea Stallion Swim Trunks Quick View
Sea Stallion Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Shark Week-ender Swim Trunks Shark Week-ender Swim Trunks Quick View
Shark Week-ender Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Shark Whisperer Shorts Shark Whisperer Shorts Quick View
Shark Whisperer Shorts
$40.00 $29.00
Sherbert Swim Trunks Quick View
Sherbert Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Straight Savage Shorts Quick View
Straight Savage Shorts
$40.00 $29.00
Tall Martini Swim Trunks Quick View
Tall Martini Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
The Feeding Frenzy Hawaiian Shirt SOLD OUT Quick View
The Feeding Frenzy Hawaiian Shirt
$40.00 $29.00
The Fish Bowl Hawaiian Shirt SOLD OUT Quick View
The Fish Bowl Hawaiian Shirt
$40.00 $29.00
The Pina Colada Hawaiian Shirt SOLD OUT Quick View
The Pina Colada Hawaiian Shirt
$40.00 $29.00
The Tall Martini Hawaiian Shirt SOLD OUT Quick View
The Tall Martini Hawaiian Shirt
$40.00 $29.00
The Tribal Hawaiian Shirt Quick View
The Tribal Hawaiian Shirt
$40.00 $29.00
Tropicana Beach Shorts Quick View
Tropicana Beach Shorts
$29.00 $18.00
Truman Swim Trunks Quick View
Truman Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Truth Swim Trunks Quick View
Truth Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
USA Patriotic Bikini Bottom Quick View
USA Patriotic Bikini Bottom
$20.00 $9.00
USA Patriotic Bikini Top Quick View
USA Patriotic Bikini Top
$25.00 $14.00
Vicious Fishes Shorts Quick View
Vicious Fishes Shorts
$40.00 $29.00
We Run This Beach One Piece Quick View
We Run This Beach One Piece
$48.00 $37.00
Weekend Warrior Beach Shorts Quick View
Weekend Warrior Beach Shorts
$29.00 $18.00
Weekend Warrior Shorts Quick View
Weekend Warrior Shorts
$40.00 $29.00
White Rainbow Swim Trunks Quick View
White Rainbow Swim Trunks
$40.00 $29.00
Women's American Flag Romper Quick View
Women's American Flag Romper
$45.00 $34.00
Women's Baywatch Tank Top Quick View
Women's Baywatch Tank Top
$28.00 $10.95
Women's Blue Meowica Tank Quick View
Women's Blue Meowica Tank
$28.00 $10.95
Women's Boombox Beach Shorts Quick View
Women's Boombox Beach Shorts
$29.00 $18.00
Women's Cactus Romper Quick View
Women's Cactus Romper
$45.00 $34.00
Women's Cali Tank Top Quick View
Women's Cali Tank Top
$28.00 $10.95
Women's Epic Eagle Tank Top Quick View
Women's Epic Eagle Tank Top
$28.00 $10.95
Women's Freedom Overalls Quick View
Women's Freedom Overalls
$48.00 $37.00
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Music Festival Clothing

Do you love music festivals? Whether you prefer Stagecoach or Coachella (or plan to show up at both!) having the right music festival clothing for the event is a must. The right outfit is definitely part of the overall experience. Failing to wear the right clothes means missing out on half the fun! Look good, feel good!

What makes clothing "music festival worthy?" Start with practical things--closed toe shoes, for example. Stamped on feet can ruin the fun, so woven sandals, although cute, are out. And don't forget that blisters can suddenly make those sexy stiletto heels seem like a very bad idea. Cowboy boots are becoming the preferred footwear, and don't forget thick socks! Wild and bright color schemes are sure to be popular, so consider some of our funny golf clothes which fit the theme perfectly. From neon outerwear to stylishly patterned shorts, we've got you covered.

You can't go wrong with patriotic clothing themes. Your musical festival clothing will be right on the money if they sport an American flag. Go for stars and stripes in traditional red, white and blue. An American Flag tank top or USA tee can be knotted up for a bare midriff, and paired with cutoff jeans or a denim mini and boots for a fun, cool look. A Women's USA tank top never disappoints.

A patriotic dress is another easy, breezy option. Coachella chic is quickly and effortlessly achieved with a pair of cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a simple cotton dress that lets you wave the banner with pride. Look for something knee length, with a comfortable waistband and short sleeves (since sun and crowds make for a hot day). You can always throw on a jacket if the night turns cooler.

Fringe is in when it comes to music festivals like Stagecoach. Bring a fancy fringed messenger bag that you can wear with the strap across your chest to avoid it getting snatched. Or, drag out that fringed jacket you have been storing in your closet for just the right event.

Leather, lace and denim are in high demand. Layer, mix and match--no-one will judge, and this is your chance to go crazy with combinations and have some fun! Pull out the plaid, too: a flannel shirt can tie easily around your waist during the hot afternoon, and provide extra warmth as the sun sets without the bulk of a jacket.

Back to the patriotic items: an American Flag bikini for sale top in stars or stripes can go under a lace cover up for a fashion statement. Pair with short shorts, jean cut offs, or a skirt. You can also wear a fanny pack if you like, and skip the purse. The fanny pack fits neatly around the hips and provides a safe, snatch-free way to carry cash, ID and credit card, as well as lipstick and anything else you need.

Whether you are planning on making a splash at the next Coachella music festival or have your sights set on Stagecoach, your music festival clothing can be part of the fun. Start thinking ahead and get your patriotic outfits ready. Don't forget to have alternate apparel choices lined up to allow for weather and multiple days in the crowd.

Your clothing for stagecoach or Coachella music festival clothing choices are a chance to show off your own unique sense of style. Break out those cowboy hats and boots, and add some flair with colorful, inspired fashion choices to make unforgettable memories! So shop for music festival clothing today.