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Retro Graphic Tees

Retro graphic tees give the somber weight of history to your everyday wardrobe. They remind us of simpler times, before the interwebs and when phones weren’t smarter than people. Today, the misty veil of nostalgia makes old-fashioned designs and color combos somehow even more attractive. So, whether you are young at heart and reminiscing about the old days or born in this century and imagining the past, here are a few vintage graphic tees that will take you back to the eighties.

No collection of cool graphic tees would be complete without the bold neon colors like the ones on our D.A.R.E shirts. Sure, you don’t need to get all up in people’s faces about every single social issue. But this one is worth drawing attention to with glaring colors and bold fonts. Even better, you can double down on the D.A.R.E. message with matching caps and other accessories from our awesome eighties collection.

Speaking of PSAs, our “The More Jew Know” shirt pays tribute to public service announcements of days gone by as well as the time-honored traditions of one of the world’s most respected faiths. When you wear retro graphic tees that celebrate your culture, be prepared to answer questions from all your goyish friends about things that you barely remember from Shabbat school. You can also make things up. Because it’s not like they will know the difference or bother to google it later.

Maybe it’s pop culture references about TV shows that will never, ever come back no matter how much fans plead that represent retro for you. Our “I’ll be at the lodge” ski shirt will make you smile with melancholy as you remember the good old days. And yes, we know you’ll be back at the lodge binge reading fanfic and debating over what would have happened in a sequel. But we won’t tell anyone what a huge “ski-fi” nerd you are if you won’t hold bad puns on our retro graphic tees against us.

There’s just something about black on gray that looks retro even if it's totally modern. Like back in the day when color printing was obscenely expensive, so grayscale was the rule of the day. Our “Feast Mode” and “Suns out, guns out” tees give you that grainy newspaper feel with designs that bring back happy Thanksgivings from years past as well as lazy afternoons spent glued to the tube consuming Baywatch reruns and copious quantities of fruit punch.

Finally, we’ve got patriotic retro graphic tees that will fill your summer with vintage fun. Whether that’s the “American Dream Team” on Mount Rushmore complete with headbands and aviator glasses or the wistful “Bill for first lady” tee from our hopeful 2016 collection, you can find plenty of options for Independence Day and beyond. Just be sure to grab your cool tees while they last. Before you know it, the days can slip away and you will find that the only old-timey thing about your closet is the vintage ketchup stain on your cargo shorts.