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Ski suits

Is your life constantly going downhill? Great! Hit the slopes in style with game changing ski suits, premium crafted to make your next ski run awesome.
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Men's Santa Fe Shredder Ski Suit Men's Santa Fe Shredder Ski Suit Quick Add
Men's Santa Fe Shredder Ski Suit
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Men's Silver Bullet Ski Suit
Men's Night Run Ski Suit Men's Night Run Ski Suit SOLD OUT Quick Add
Men's Night Run Ski Suit
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Men's Dusk Run Ski Suit
Women's Neon Bunny Ski Suit Women's Neon Bunny Ski Suit COMING SOON Quick Add
Women's Neon Bunny Ski Suit
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Ski Suits

Some fashion trends should really stay in the past. But there are some pretty awesome designs that deserve a revival. Our retro ski suits fall into the latter category - same thing with ugly Christmas sweaters for men and women. When you get a gander at these eye-popping designs, you'll agree. Who wouldn't want to zip up in a one-piece ski suit that looks like it could double as an Elvis Presley or Evil Knievel costume?

The kaleidoscope of colors never ends with our Tipsy Elves ski suit collection. You'll be taken back to the eighties in a big way with bold neon designs in geometric patterns. The psychedelic shapes and vivid hues will make you feel like you are living inside an Atari arcade game. For even more realism, make the sound of Space Invaders as you ride up on the ski lift. Sure, everyone else will look at you funny, but sometimes you have to act like a kid again!

It's not just a good idea to wear bright colors so you can be easily found and rescued if you get lost in the snow. It's also hilarious to see other skiers wipe out because they were blinded by the glare of your bright yellow and purple figure swooping past them. In the age of the blandly colored two-piece, it's up to you to show that the one-piece ski suit still rocks. It's cool to be different, and you'll be super-chill in these retro outfits.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Tipsy Elves collection if we didn't feature some awesome patriotic gear. American flag clothing is phenomenal for those trips to far away ski resorts. Your suit automatically lets everyone know that you probably don't speak anything but English, making communication much simpler. Stake your claim on the slope of your choice with a bold red white and blue ski suit. Team USA may not always take home the gold, but you can take on the cold in our gear. Now, you can celebrate the stars and slopes forever!

Why go back to the old days with a ski suit instead of a two piece? A onesie is much warmer since it encapsulates your entire body in a single fabric cocoon. Plus, even if you fall, there's no way for snow to creep up your back or down your neon snow pants like it can when you wear a jacket and trousers. If you've ever had snow get up inside your ski gear and then melt from body heat, you know how annoying that can be. With a full suit, that simply doesn't happen. You won't even feel a chilly breeze when you do an aerial snowboarding stunt! If you find yourself in the rare situation where you are looking for some additional warmth on the slopes, you should definitely throw on an ugly sweater underneath the ski suit for good measure.

Our super-functional, waterproof women's and men's ski suits will keep you feeling warm and dry on your next skiing vacation. A ski lift can move you up the mountainside. But it takes a brightly colored ski suit to lift your spirits on a really cold day--especially when you just broke a ski pole and traded bark with a tree. As long as you have one of our neon colored ski sweaters, just tighten your ski suit belt, brush off the powder, and get back on those skis for another go!

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