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Ugly christmas sweater dresses

Ugly Christmas sweater dresses are the ugly Christmas sweaters you know and love, just with a little more length. Every womens ugly Christmas sweater dress is a fitted, lightweight acrylic sweater in the highest quality you can find, with the highest comfort to boot. Choose from a variety of designs and sizes, each tailored to flatter you just right. Our ugly Christmas sweater dresses can be paired with leggings, tights, or worn on their own for those less chilly winter nights. Dress your ugly Christmas sweater dress up with booties, or keep it casual in your home slippers! The opportunities are endless.
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Ugly Christmas Sweater Dresses

Ugly Christmas sweater dresses take the ugly sweater trend one step farther on the road to insanity. Now, your hideous holiday fashion doesn't stop at the hip. It creeps down your thigh as well. Our Tipsy Elves think this style can turn any female into a full-fledged fashion icon. This super-trendy look can even be modeled after some of your favorite TV stars. Let's start with a show where pretty much everyone gets fashion wrong--Glee! Here's how to take an ugly Christmas sweater dress in five different directions based on your favorite female Glee character.

The Rachel Berry

In the first few seasons, Rachel was well-known for wearing inappropriately childlike clothing to match her diminutive stature and emotionally immature mindset. The ginormous Peter Pan collar on our ugly Christmas Elf Sweater Dress makes it just the kind of item she'd pick to wear at a Christmas party. In fact, she'd probably wear it over a pleated skirt and women's Christmas underwear then pair it with some Mary Jane shoes to make her look 18 going on 12. Very creepy. Very Berry.

The Tina Cohen-Chang

Just like we can't help feeling sorry for Tiny Tim in Dickens' Christmas Carol, we also feel pity for Tina Cohen-Chang. She just can't seem to find her look, and every season's wardrobe is worse than the last. Mimic this hapless female star with a Blue Conga Line ugly Christmas sweater dress paired with fair isle ugly sweater leggings and cuffed ankle boots for an incredibly awkward ensemble.

The Santana

Do you want to look like the smoking hot, foul mouthed, ill-tempered chica from Lima Heights? Dressing like Santana Lopez is simple. Here are the ingredients: (1) our Santa sweater dress (a size smaller than you normally wear), (2) a thong (optional), (3) a heavily padded pushup bra (not optional), (4) thigh-high stiletto boots, (5) hair extensions and (6) enough mascara to kill a lab full of rabbits

That's the Santa Santana way!

The Mercedes Jones

What does a plus-size diva wear to an ugly sweater party? A plus size ugly Christmas sweater of course. Even though Mrs. Claus doesn't quite fit in with all the other wives, she found a way to get noticed for her unique talent. In the same way, you know Mercedes would find a way to make this goofy sweater look cool. Wear a black leather jacket over it and ripped and faded jeggings underneath along with some red canvas high tops with women's Christmas socks to capture Mercedes' transition to her New York City look from recent seasons.

The Kurt Hummel

If you like a little gender ambiguity in your apparel, try wearing one of our ugly Christmas sweater dresses with pants. For the Hummel special, you will need to find a pair of tapered black trousers that end just above the ankle and a neckerchief in white and red polka dots to go with your Fair Isle Christmas sweater dress. This option works for gals (and a few brave guys) who have the guts to really pull off the long, knitted tunic top look. Who knows, maybe you'll be featured in the next edition of Vogue!

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