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Two girls in the park wearing Tipsy Elves christmas leggings

Christmas Leggings

Two girls in the park wearing Tipsy Elves christmas leggings

Christmas Leggings

Ditch the Christmas stockings and throw on a pair of Christmas leggings! With one-of-a-kind patterns and comfortable construction, they'll make rockin' around the Christmas tree a thing of beauty.
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Santa Paws Leggings Santa Paws Leggings Quick Add
$28.95 $24.95
Santa Paws Leggings
Red Sequin Leggings Red Sequin Leggings Quick Add
$28.95 $19.95
Red Sequin Leggings
Candy Cane Leggings Candy Cane Leggings Quick Add
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Candy Cane Leggings
Red Velvet Leggings Red Velvet Leggings Quick Add
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Red Velvet Leggings
Meowy Christmas Leggings Meowy Christmas Leggings Quick Add
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Meowy Christmas Leggings
Christmas Tree Leggings Christmas Tree Leggings Quick Add
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Christmas Tree Leggings
Red Reindeer Leggings Red Reindeer Leggings Quick Add
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Red Reindeer Leggings
Christmas Candy Leggings Christmas Candy Leggings Quick Add
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Christmas Candy Leggings
Neon Christmas Leggings Neon Christmas Leggings Quick Add
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Neon Christmas Leggings
Black Reindeer Leggings Black Reindeer Leggings Quick Add
$28.95 $14.95
Black Reindeer Leggings
Velvet Green Leggings Velvet Green Leggings Quick Add
$28.95 $19.95
Velvet Green Leggings
Silver Leggings Silver Leggings Quick Add
$24.95 $9.95
Silver Leggings
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Christmas Leggings and Fair Isle Leggings

Are you ready to deck your pegs with Christmas leggings that will compliment your ugly Christmas sweater? We've got plenty of warm, cozy calf-covers all lined up for you this holiday season. These slim-cut Fair Isle leggings hug your thighs with a comfortable poly/cotton blend that's breathable and very stretchy. The wide waistband resists rolling and sits just below your belly button for a mid-rise fit that works for most figures. The ankles are hemmed but with no ribbed cuffs, ensuring that these Christmas leggings don't look like long underwear or PJs. You can wear them out and about or at home by the fire with a copy of "A Christmas Carol" and a glass of wine.

We've got a number of printed leggings designs to catch your fancy. If you tend to enjoy whimsical holiday scenes, the blue and white snowflake pattern is sure to satisfy. For a more somber winter look, you'll find the same pattern in black and gray (this pair goes with EVERYTHING). Go against the grain with hot pink and black Christmas leggings that feature bubblegum fir trees and blushing snowflakes. This girly style is a favorite for wearing out and about with a flirty, off-the shoulder top. Or, you can ensure that you get noticed with our humping reindeer leggings. There's nothing that says, "Let it snow!" quite like the sight of reindeer in love. We know you'll love all our Christmas leggings, so get a pair for every occasion.

If you like to show off your legs but not your hips, choose a long flowing tunic top. Belt a long blouse at the waist to show off an hourglass figure while still concealing any problem areas. If you want to keep it very casual, a short sleeved graphic tees for women over fair isle leggings is great for lounging around the house in fuzzy reindeer slippers and a plush bathrobe.

These leggings do make your butt look great (they're like magic yoga pants for Christmas). So, you can also go with a short top that lets you show all your curves. As an alternative, you can wear one of our Christmas sweater dresses over a pair of leggings for full coverage that still doesn't leave much about your fantastic figure to the imagination.

For a tempting "dominatrix-mas" look, wear the humping Fair Isle leggings with a black leather mini-skirt, fitted white blouse, and knee-high black boots. Top it all off with a pair of reindeer antlers (extra pointy) and one of our unique ugly Christmas sweaters. The ring of naughty reindeer on our Christmas leggings will look just like an exotic garter on your thigh. Whip optional...Hey, an elf can dream!

Choose one of our tacky ugly Christmas sweaters in an extra-large size and wear it over these leggings for a very relaxed look at your next ugly Christmas sweater party. You'll get bonus points for carrying the ugly trend to new lows. You can even don a Tipsy Elves Christmas beanie and a pair of our hideous ugly Christmas socks to ensure 100% coverage. If you're going to do something, you might as well do it right!

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